Where are all the escorts in Tel Aviv?

escorts in Tel AvivThere was a frantic man on the other end of the phone. He asked a very simply question. Where exactly are all the escorts in Tel Aviv? I thought this was a prank call. It was about eleven at night and I was ready for bed. I told him to call around and he’ll find someone. The guy said he already done that. Everyone was booked or busy. It was a Friday night after all. I told him I was about to go to bed. I also told him he could call the next day and I’d see if I had any spots available the following week.

I was so exhausted and he kept begging me if I knew anyone at all who could visit him right away. I said no, that’s not the way this works. You have to book your escorts in Tel Aviv encounter early. I often tell my clients to book me at least two weeks in advance. Sometimes I can fit someone in if a client cancels at the last minute. This was different though. He was calling me right before bed. I never ever go out on a call like this. Well, I should say almost never.

He begged me one last time saying he just needed one escorts in Tel Aviv. What he said then blew my mind. The guy told me he would give me ten times the amount I usually charge. I couldn’t believe it. No guy has ever offered me that much money before. He even told me that it was possible to put it in my bank account before I came over. That way I’d know that he was for real. I agreed only if he would do that. I couldn’t believe my eyes when within minutes the money was in my account. I knew then it didn’t matter if I was sleepy or not. I had a frantic guy who was in search of escorts in Tel Aviv. A guy who I now must take care of.

Why was he so frantic? I later learned that he just took Viagra and his fuck buddy said she couldn’t come over. He called every escort in town and no one would pay him a visit. I was the only one who’d do it. Though, I’m not sure how much of this is true or not. I know plenty of escorts in Tel Aviv who would do it if the price is right. I’m not talking about ten times the price of the average visit. But, whatever the reason, he wanted me.

We had sex and it was actually the typical escorts in Tel Aviv visit.

The only thing that as out of the ordinary is what he did when having an orgasm. He had these odd sounds like a pig searching for truffles. It made me wonder if he was having some sort of health issue that I should be concerned about. Thankfully it didn’t last long. He almost fell asleep after the last grunt. He told me to lock the door on my way out. I did and felt that he was way too trusting. I could care less though. I made out like a bandit and my bank account was now flush with cash.




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