The hottest erotic massage Tel Aviv ever

erotic massage Tel AvivThis is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me. I got the usual erotic massage Tel Aviv message and thought nothing of it. I just figured he was another guy who wanted a rub down. I also give massages to my clients. I’m not just an escort. I like to also think of myself as a masseuse. Erotic massage Tel Aviv is something I do on the side to earn a little money. It pays the bills and picks up the slack if I don’t have enough escorting gigs. Which is rare, but there are some slow seasons of the year.

I got all my gear ready and went over to this guy’s apartment. It was a nice little place in a swinging part of town. I could tell the guy had a nice stash of cash somewhere to be able to afford an apartment like this. I was very impressed by his lifestyle. I work seven days a week and can’t live like him. I hope some day if I play my cards right that will change. I’m doing everything in my power to make it possible.

So, I’m sitting in his apartment and we’re talking. This is when I realize he wants to give me a erotic massage Tel Aviv. I was taken back. He didn’t want me to give him a erotic massage Tel Aviv? That doesn’t make sense. Sure, I’ve received massages before. But, they were tied into sex and all that. He just wanted to give me a massage and that was it. The best part by far is, he was willing to pay me to receive the massage.

I took off all of my clothes and laid down on his bed. I gave him my massage oil and everything that he needed. I have a little kit that I take with me on my erotic massage Tel Aviv gigs. This way I don’t have to worry about my client having the right materials. This guy had hands that were magical. I’ve never received a massage like this ever. It wasn’t just that it felt good. He knew all the right places to touch.

I loved the way he played with my tits during the erotic massage Tel Aviv.

He took a break and I thought it was all over. He heard me getting out of bed and told me to stay there. I later learned that he was washing his hands. What happened next was something that I would never believe if it didn’t happen to me. He actually massaged my pussy and fingered it. I was so relaxed that I actually came. The orgasm I had was intense and it felt wonderful.

I sure wish I would. I’d maybe even consider paying for it. That’s the most wild thing of everything that happened. He actually paid me for all of this. I can’t lie, I actually felt a little guilty taking his money. After all, he did make me cum. But, I’ve got bills to pay like everyone else. So, I took his cash and politely thanked him for such a wonderful experience.




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