Tel Aviv escorts seeking a daddy?

Tel Aviv escortsYes, I was actually asked this question. Was I looking for a daddy? I couldn’t believe the question at first. I’m not looking for a daddy or even a husband for that matter. However, I am a businesswoman. So, I asked my potential client what he meant by this question. Much to my surprise, he wanted me to act like I was his stepdaughter. This seemed extremely odd to me. With that said, I did see a video like this at a tube site.

Long story made short, I had to watch it with one of my Tel Aviv escorts clients.

I consider a client like to this to be into role playing. My Tel Aviv escorts customer had a very specific fantasy. He wanted me to be dressed in a slightly conservative skirt and white button down blouse. He wanted to catch me looking at porn on my phone. I acted this out and went along with it. He caught me and pretended to be upset with me. Asked me why I was looking at porn. I tried to come up with the best answer I could.

Much to my surprise, this Tel Aviv escorts experience took an interesting twist. My client bent me over his knee and spanked me. He hiked up my skirt and even pulled down my panties. I can’t say that his spanking hurt me. The goal wasn’t to hurt actually hurt me. What he wanted more than anything was to continue along with this fantasy. A fantasy that was now in full force.

I kept telling him I was sorry. He didn’t buy it. He told me that I needed to prove it. The only way I could is if I sucked my stepfather’s cock. A task that I was more than willing to do. I looked up at him with big pouty eyes while sucking his cock. I dialed in his fantasy perfectly and I could tell this by his reaction. He kept moaning and groaning the entire time. His cheeks were slightly blushed by the fact he was finally living out this fantasy of his.

I couldn’t have predicted what was about to happen next. He told me to get on all fours and he wanted to set the record straight. I did and he slid a condom over his cock. All Tel Aviv escorts I know of carry a stash of condoms. This guy had his own. I’m glad he was thinking about it. I would’ve forgot until it was too late. I really was that into the whole fantasy thing. I actually felt a little like his stepdaughter. I know that probably sounds pretty crazy to some of you. It’s true and that’s why the guy was really into it.

There’s one point where the Tel Aviv escorts experience really turns wild. It was when he was spanking my ass while fucking me from behind. He kept saying that I needed to learn my lesson. I shouldn’t look at porn any more on the internet. I kept telling him that I was sorry. I won’t ever do it again. I kept apologizing and he told me that the time for being sorry was over. Now it was time to make daddy cum. He had me jerk off his cock and it squirted semen all over the place. I was such a bad girl he said. So bad, I made him make a huge mess!




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