Tel Aviv escorts have pretty noses?

Tel Aviv escortsI almost spit out my morning coffee when I read the that on the subject line of an email. I had to read it twice. What could he possibly mean? I had to find out type of Tel Aviv escorts he was searching for. If I couldn’t help him out, then maybe I would know someone who could. Us Tel Aviv escorts work that way. At least the ones I know do. I refer clients to other girls for whatever reason. Maybe the client is looking for something specific or I simply don’t have the time to service them.

Well, this guy was into noses. Most Tel Aviv escorts don’t put close up pictures on their site for obvious reasons.

It’s not possible to see what their nose looks like. I get that. What I don’t get is, why he’s so turned on by noses. But, I learned to expect the unexpected at this job. Never go into it thinking that it’ll be normal in any way.

Let’s skip forward to when I meet up with my client. I sent him a couple of photos before arriving. He was infatuated with my nose. I’ve never heard anyone so excited over any part of my body before. I really had no idea what to expect from this guy. I was surprised to see he was a very ordinary older gentleman. How old was he? I’d say he had to be in his late sixties. The funny thing is, he sounded much younger on the phone. I thought he was half his age or even younger. He did have quite a bit of pep in his step for someone pushing 70.

He offered me a cup of tea and I politely refused. We went into the bedroom where he looked at my nose. He asked if he could kiss it. He actually took his tongue and stuck it inside my nostrils. This was kind of weird. He also sucked on the tip of my nose. Again, this too was kind of strange. After all that, he asked me to rub my nose on his cock until he came. He asked if it were possible to cover my pretty nose with his semen. I know most Tel Aviv escorts wouldn’t do such a thing. I guess I’m a sucker for pleasing my clients. I agreed and told him he could do it.

I never made anyone cum using just my nose. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible without doing it first. I started by rubbing my nose all over his ball sack. I then proceeded up to his penis. I just glided my nose up and down the shaft of his penis. I also paid close attention to the tip. I’m sure that not many Tel Aviv escorts has ever had a client like this before. It took the guy quite a bit of time to bust his nut. There wasn’t all that much to it when he did. Just a little dot of semen on my nose. He allowed me to wash my face in his bathroom and off I went. I can honestly say that my nose was tired after doing this. I’ve never had a tired nose before that day.





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