Tel Aviv Escort Tells Her Story

tel aviv escortI’d like to take a little of your time to introduce myself. My name is Noya and I’m a Tel Aviv escort.  I’ve been an escort for the past three years.  I started when I was 19.  I’ve always been someone that likes sex.  When I first started to work as a Tel Aviv escort, I just wanted a way to pay my bills.  I was sick and tired of having to rely on my family for everything.  What I wanted was to live on my own and to be able to pay for everything.  I learned quickly that I could do that and so much more.  Most women don’t see being an escort as a career.  I do and I actually like it.  I don’t see myself retiring any time soon.  I really enjoy the job and the money is nice too.  Add it all together and I’d say being a Tel Aviv escort is the perfect job for me.

As a Tel Aviv escort I’ve had clients from all over the world. My favorite clients are always my repeats.  I like seeing the same faces again and again.  I find it easier to please guys that I know more about.  The level of service is so much greater.  This is a tip for all of you guys out there that enjoy the services of escorts.  Always go back to the same one if it’s possible.  The escort will get to know you and what you like.  You’ll be more satisfied by a girl that knows what you want compared to a complete stranger.

What would I be doing now if I wasn’t a Tel Aviv escort?

I get asked that question a lot.  I think I’d be a pornstar.  I love sex and it’s what I’m really good at.  I’ll admit that I sometimes watch porn.  It’s not uncommon for my customers to watch porn with me.  It’ll help them get their juices flowing and in the mood.  I notice that younger guys seem to like to watch porn before sex more than the older clients.  It seems the guys my age can’t get aroused unless they’re visually stimulated before.

I have to admit that my favorite clients tend to be the older ones. I’m just 22 and I prefer guys over 50.  They treat me better and are usually very respectable.  The customers that I dislike the most are those that are drunk.  I don’t mind if a client has a drink or two before we meet.  I don’t like it when the’re three sheets in the wind.  Usually they’ll have a difficult time getting an erection and more often than not, they blame me for it.

Oral sex is my favorite and I’m quite good at it. I’ve got plenty of clients that only want blowjobs.  I suck a few cocks every day and it always puts a smile on my face.  There’s nothing I like more than the feeling of a guy releasing all of his tension once my lips are wrapped around his cock.  As a Tel Aviv escort I can tell you there are plenty of guys wanting blowjobs.  It seems every week I get at least one new repeat customer.  You might be my next one.  There’s nothing I’d love more than to make you moan in pure delight with my mouth going down on your cock.




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