The hottest erotic massage Tel Aviv ever

erotic massage Tel AvivThis is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me. I got the usual erotic massage Tel Aviv message and thought nothing of it. I just figured he was another guy who wanted a rub down. I also give massages to my clients. I’m not just an escort. I like to also think of myself as a masseuse. Erotic massage Tel Aviv is something I do on the side to earn a little money. It pays the bills and picks up the slack if I don’t have enough escorting gigs. Which is rare, but there are some slow seasons of the year.

I got all my gear ready and went over to this guy’s apartment. It was a nice little place in a swinging part of town. I could tell the guy had a nice stash of cash somewhere to be able to afford an apartment like this. I was very impressed by his lifestyle. I work seven days a week and can’t live like him. I hope some day if I play my cards right that will change. I’m doing everything in my power to make it possible.

So, I’m sitting in his apartment and we’re talking. This is when I realize he wants to give me a erotic massage Tel Aviv. I was taken back. He didn’t want me to give him a erotic massage Tel Aviv? That doesn’t make sense. Sure, I’ve received massages before. But, they were tied into sex and all that. He just wanted to give me a massage and that was it. The best part by far is, he was willing to pay me to receive the massage.

I took off all of my clothes and laid down on his bed. I gave him my massage oil and everything that he needed. I have a little kit that I take with me on my erotic massage Tel Aviv gigs. This way I don’t have to worry about my client having the right materials. This guy had hands that were magical. I’ve never received a massage like this ever. It wasn’t just that it felt good. He knew all the right places to touch.

I loved the way he played with my tits during the erotic massage Tel Aviv.

He took a break and I thought it was all over. He heard me getting out of bed and told me to stay there. I later learned that he was washing his hands. What happened next was something that I would never believe if it didn’t happen to me. He actually massaged my pussy and fingered it. I was so relaxed that I actually came. The orgasm I had was intense and it felt wonderful.

I sure wish I would. I’d maybe even consider paying for it. That’s the most wild thing of everything that happened. He actually paid me for all of this. I can’t lie, I actually felt a little guilty taking his money. After all, he did make me cum. But, I’ve got bills to pay like everyone else. So, I took his cash and politely thanked him for such a wonderful experience.


Erotic massage Tel Aviv dwarf experience

erotic massage tel avivFor those of you who don’t know, a dwarf is a midget. Most don’t like to be called midgets. I can understand why. The term does seem a little degrading. Anyway, I had my first ever erotic massage Tel Aviv dwarf client. He was really short. I don’t know how short he actually was. I just know I’ve never done anything at all with a man as short as he was. I have a shocker that I’ll tell you about a little later on.

The shocker isn’t the fact that this guy is in the entertainment business. Exactly what he does, I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I just know that he said he worked in the entertainment business. The guy was very well dressed and seemed educated. I got the feeling that he was very well off financially. He was a foreigner and his Hebrew wasn’t too good. It was good enough for us to be able to communicate. You’ve got to be ready for anything and everything when you offer erotic massage Tel Aviv services.

My client asked if we both could be fully nude during the erotic massage Tel Aviv. I told him I didn’t have a problem with that. We both got undressed and that’s when I couldn’t believe my eyes. This little guy had a huge cock. I mean, it was so big compared to the rest of his body. His hands and feet were also oversized. It looked comical and I tried my best not to laugh. I think I may have snickered a time or two. I was able to get up close and personal with that cock of us. A little more on that later.

The massage went well and we had some small talk. That’s not too uncommon when giving a erotic massage Tel Aviv. While on his back, he asked me if I could give him a happy ending. I would normally tell my client that it’s an additional charge. However, with a cock like his, I wanted to do it. I’d beat that guy off for free just to see what it was like. I had so much fun jerking him off. I don’t know why that is. I think it’s because I was surprised that his cock was so big. I’d say that if his cock was attached to a normal sized man, it probably wouldn’t have seemed that big. The circumstances here were much different and that became clear as I stroked his cock.

The erotic massage Tel Aviv experience wasn’t over just yet.

The little guy spewed a huge load of cum all over the place. I even got some of it in my hair. He was nice enough to allow me to take a shower afterwards. I’d like to know where he was keeping all that cum. It came squirting out like a fire hose. I didn’t think he would have that much cum in his entire body. It goes to show I’ve got a lot to learn about when it comes to dwarfs.


Erotic massage Tel Aviv for an older lady

erotic massage tel avivThis is an erotic massage Tel Aviv story that none of you will ever forget. I won’t forget it either for that matter. It started out with me getting a call from a sweet old lady asking me if I offer massages. I tried to tell her that what I offer is erotic massage Tel Aviv and not something that’s tame. She perked up a bit and replied that’s exactly what she was looking for. I didn’t know what to make of it, but I still booked the appointment with her.

I showed up and this older lady answered the door in a bathrobe. We then went to the bedroom and she immediately took off her robe. I then saw what was an amazing thing. I’d say this woman was probably in her late 60’s. She had a body that was better than some 30 year old women I’ve seen at the beach. It was stunning really and I still can’t believe what my eyes saw. I just stood there in awe and I even told her so. The old lady smiled at me and she laid down on the bed. I just kept looking at her and wondering if I would be able to handle this erotic massage Tel Aviv. I mean, I’m not really as much into women as some other girls I know. But, for some reason this woman was really getting my juices flowing.

The erotic massage Tel Aviv went as planned.

Usually in situations like this I give guys a handjob. It’s the cherry on top of the erotic massage Tel Aviv that most guys are looking for. I didn’t know what to do with a woman. I kept wondering and then I just asked. The old lady pointed to a dresser and told me she had a vibrator in the drawer. The strange thing was, I’ve never used a vibrator on another woman before. I rarely even use them on myself to be honest. They’re just not my type of thing. If I masturbate, I always use my fingers. They get the job done and don’t require batteries.

I turned on the vibrator and cranked it up to full force. The lady smiled and said to turn it down a little. She didn’t want to be fucked so hard her teeth rattled. I looked at her body and just enjoyed it. It made me realize that I hope I look that good at her age. It was like looking at a work of art. I was also surprised that a woman her age had a shaved pussy. There wasn’t a single hair on her pussy. That took me by surprise and still does to this day. I toyed her pussy until she had an orgasm that was out of this world. It was probably the wildest orgasm I’ve ever seen while performing erotic massage Tel Aviv. Even the guys that bust a nut in my eye don’t cum as hard as this woman did. I actually enjoyed myself and I wouldn’t mind if she booked another massage. If for nothing else, I’d like to ask her how she maintains such a sexy body at her age.


My job giving erotic massage Tel Aviv

erotic massage Tel AvivA lot of people don’t know that I give erotic massage Tel Aviv. I don’t always do escorting and sometimes I give massages. It’s a side business that’s growing over time. It can be far less innocent than it sounds. Usually it involves a handjob or something along those lines. The guys don’t just want a massage. I think most guys seeking a erotic massage Tel Aviv actually do want an escort. They just have a problem admitting it to themselves. That’s the reason why most of these guys get a erotic massage Tel Aviv and not the full blown escort experience.

I don’t have a specific erotic massage Tel Aviv story to tell.

This is more of a collection of stories. More to the point, it’s all about the cumshot. I’ve learned that the hard way. I’m not lying when I say I’ve had a few guys shoot cum in my eye. I don’t know what I was thinking. Not all guys shoot cum like they do in porno movies. But, a few of them actually do. I don’t know what causes a guy to shoot out cum like that. I think it’s because they haven’t had an orgasm in awhile. I do notice that some guys shoot out a good distance if it takes them a long time to reach orgasm. The longer it takes, the more velocity it seems the semen has when it flies out.

I remember one guy called me up and asked if I could come over and give him a massage. I went over to his place and he answered the door naked. I already knew I was in for something different. I then proceeded to give him the best erotic massage Tel Aviv ever. He then had me jerk him off and it took forever. I mean I jerked his cock until I thought my arm was going to fall off. He was moaning and groaning really loud the entire time. He squirted a huge load of cum that ended up drenching me. I remember there was thick cum dangling from my chin. It was in my hair and all over the place! I don’t know if this guy was saving up for a year or what. I just know that guy busted a nut that I’ll never forget. It’s stories like this that only a erotic massage Tel Aviv can tell.

Most guys seeking erotic massage Tel Aviv are all the same. They’re usually middle to upper class with a good education. They don’t want to have sex with me, but want someone to get them off. They aren’t ready to admit they want to have sex with a stranger for money. But, they’re more than willing to have a erotic massage Tel Aviv. I don’t mind and I suppose on some level I understand. This is especially true if they’re married and not happy at home. They need to release some sexual tension and the wife won’t do it. That’s when my hands come into play and massage every part of a man’s body. By every part, I really do mean it. As you all know after reading this.


Erotic massage Tel Aviv with a Curved Penis

I received an odd cerotic massage tel avivall the other day requesting erotic massage Tel Aviv. The guy on the other end of the phone seemed really nervous. He asked if I could give him a massage even if his penis was very curved. I thought it was a prank call at first. I played along and talked to the guy. He said that his penis was curved and it’s impossible for him to have sex. I’ve seen a few curved penises in my day, but none were so bent that they couldn’t be used. He asked for erotic massage Tel Aviv specifically to his penis. I think it was a round about way of asking for a handjob. It made me curious just to see how curved he really was. That’s why I agreed to it in the first place.

I arrived at the guy’s house ready for a erotic massage Tel Aviv experience.

What I didn’t know was just what kind of experience it would turn out to be. A short bald guy answered the door. He was extremely nervous and kept stuttering. He took me into his bedroom and we talked a little. I tried to calm him down, but it wouldn’t work. Nothing I said seemed to do anything to relax him. That’s when I told him to lay down and get ready for the best erotic massage Tel Aviv experience that he’s ever had. That’s when he told me again about his curved penis. I could tell he was nervous, but I really had no idea what was going on. I mean, so what if it’s a little curved? It was more than a little curved and I was about to find that out.

My client got naked and then laid down on his bed preparing for a erotic massage Tel Aviv style. That’s when I saw something I’ll never forget. This guy’s penis was bent like a finger that’s saying come here. His penis was actually bent like a cane an old man uses to walk. I was stunned and had no idea that my erotic massage Tel Aviv would be this difficult. I kept wondering how I would ever give a guy like him a handjob. The end of his penis was actually curled. I had a cat once that curled its tail in a similar way. It made me think of my pet cat and that actually made me laugh. I laughed on the inside, but not on the outside. I wouldn’t have done anything to make this guy feel any more nervous than he already was.

How did I give this guy with a curved penis a handjob? I did so very carefully. I greased up my hand and followed his penis slowly, making sure to stroke all of it. I really thought this guy was going to have a difficult time busting a nut. I was surprised when he came in all of about ten minutes. I think the guy has difficulty jerking himself off. I don’t think a penis so curved would actually be able to have sex. I’ve seen stranger things in my career as a erotic massage Tel Aviv. I wouldn’t be too surprised if somehow the guy learns how to have sex and wants to do it with me one of these days.