Super naughty Escort Tel Aviv story

escort Tel AvivAs a escort Tel Aviv I have my own website. I also have social media accounts too. I don’t advertise myself as being a escort Tel Aviv on those accounts. Though, people get the drift pretty quickly. It doesn’t take much to figure out what I do. I never post any personal information or anything like that. I basically let people know I exist and what I like to do. From there I let the business flow to me. I don’t try to push it or anything like that.

I got a private message from a really handsome guy asking if I was a escort Tel Aviv. I told him that I was. He then booked me for a whole evening! Luckily for him I had two people cancel on me that night. I don’t know what the odds of that were, but, I wasn’t going to complain. Especially considering how handsome this man seemed to be in his profile. My car was in the shop and I had to get a taxi. The guy was a total gentlemen and even paid for my taxi. I knew right away this guy was going to be as good as gold.

It’s not something you come across ever day as a escort Tel Aviv, but when you do, it’s totally fantastic.

The moment I walked in the door I smelled cologne. The good stuff, the kind that smells like a real man. The guy had dark hair and he hadn’t shaved in a few days. His face was covered in stubble and his body was fit and firm. We didn’t even make it to the bedroom. We had the hottest sex ever right on his living room floor. I started out by kissing and massaging his muscular chest. He didn’t tell me to do that. I wanted to and no one was going to deny me what I wanted. This was all about me and I didn’t care one bit. I’m a sexual woman and I know that most escort Tel Aviv usually are. But, for me, this was more than just a job. I really wanted to fuck this guy.

I wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly sucked on it. I made sure to lick his balls while I deep throated him. I loved how he ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked every inch of his beefy man meat. I couldn’t believe it when he went down on me! This guy ate my pussy so good my toes were curled the entire time. It was fucking great and I enjoyed every single lick of it. The sex, it was something else. He took his time and it was nice and slow. We had sex the entire evening and I felt guilty for taking his money. I know as a escort Tel Aviv I have to get paid. This was one of those times when I felt like I should have been the person paying.




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