Sex in Tel Aviv – One of the Wildest Ever

sex in tel avivI just had the wildest sex in Tel Aviv ever. I still can’t believe what happened. I’m actually shaking right now. It really was that much fun. I don’t think there are many times when I came straight home and wrote about what happened. That’s what happens when you have the best ever sex in Tel Aviv. I wish I could say that I was speechless. I’m not and I’ll probably be up all night playing with myself while thinking about what happened.

My client was everything I could ever want a man to be. The first thing he did was give me flowers. A dozen red roses is what he had waiting for me. I’ve never seen this guy ever before. We didn’t know each other at all. He was a handsome man with dark hair and a mustache. I’d say he was in his late 20’s. I got the feeling that he was a young up and coming professional. A guy who was going places in his career.

Why was this the best sex in Tel Aviv I’ve ever experienced? The reason couldn’t be more simple. The sex seemed like it lasted forever. I usually have a set limit on how long I’ll spend with a client. I knew we were going to go over the limit. I didn’t care one bit. My client started out by going down on me. He didn’t once lift his head up for air. He licked parts of my pussy that I never knew existed. I’d say he licked me for probably thirty minutes or more. It may’ve even been closer to an hour. I didn’t pay attention at all. I had an orgasm and it felt great.

How does an escort repay for her best sex in Tel Aviv oral experience ever?

I did so by going down on him. I was so slow and took my time. I held his cock in my throat and licked his balls. I wasn’t in the slightest bit of a hurry. I made sure not to make him cum. I didn’t want him to fill my mouth with his creamy seed. I wasn’t anywhere near done with him.

I wanted to make sure this was his best sex in Tel Aviv as well. I hopped on and rode his cock. I listened closely to make sure not to do too much. I didn’t want him to bust a nut in my pussy. Yes, he was wearing a condom, but I had a surprise for him. I know how much guys loves to finish off in my asshole. That’s what I was saving for him. Anal sex is great, but the final busting of the nut is better in the asshole.

I got on all fours and offered up my ass. My client seemed to think about it for awhile. It didn’t take long to persuade him. I’ve got one of those asses that men just can’t get enough of. The thought of him finishing himself off in my asshole was too much to handle. There was no way he could look back now. He plowed right into my asshole and didn’t miss a beat. The orgasm he had was something else. I could tell by the way his penis twitched this was his best sex in Tel Aviv ever. I paid close attention to the condom after he took it off. I was surprised by the amount of semen in it. It looked more like a water balloon than a condom. That’s how full of semen it was.




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