Seeking a very tall Tel Aviv Escort

tel aviv escortI received an email about a month ago from a client who was searching for a Tel Aviv Escort. I responded back with some photographs and he liked what his eyes saw. There was just one problem and it was a big one. I wasn’t tall enough for him. He told me that he’s only turned on by women who are over six feet and six inches tall. I knew right away this guy was an American. I don’t know how big a foot is other than the one on the bottom of my leg.

I did some research and found out that he likes women who’s almost two meters tall. Needless to say, I’m not that tall. He told me to buy and wear the tallest high heel shoes I could find. He even sent me some money online to pay for them. I’m always up for new shoes. I don’t know a Tel Aviv Escort who would turn down a free pair of heels.

I eventually found these huge heels that added about a foot to my height. That’s about 30.5 centimeters for all of you who aren’t American. It’s been a long time since I wore heels this big. I actually felt like a baby giraffe walking for the first time in them. It’s all in a day in the life of a Tel Aviv Escort. The things we do for our clients is unreal.

I’m the type of Tel Aviv Escort who just wants to make people happy.

I think of that as my goal more than anything else really. I met the foreigner in a hotel. It was a pretty nice joint really. I’ve never been there before. I probably stuck out like a sore thumb wobbling around in those high heel shoes. I thought about changing into them while in his hotel room. But, I wanted to make sure he saw me right away in them. A first impression as a Tel Aviv Escort is priceless. It’s actually one of the most important aspects of getting return customers.

I walked into his room and he immediately fell to his knees. We almost had no chance to exchange greetings. He stuck his head right up my skirt and pulled down my panties. The door wasn’t even shut yet when I felt his tongue dancing up and down my slit. I was taken by surprise with the amount of gusto that he licked me. I actually think the guy was nervous. That’s why he didn’t say much. He may have been shy as well. Every Tel Aviv Escort has seen a guy or two like him. It’s actually far more common than most people believe.

I sucked his cock and that was it. He really didn’t say much. He visibly appeared to be nervous. I even saw sweat bead on his forehead while I went down on him. This was even more surprising considering the air conditioning was on. It was all just oral sex and that’s it. He really didn’t even appear to pay attention to my height all that much. I don’t know when I’ll wear my new heels. They’ll probably collect dust until someone with a foot fetish comes along seeking something uniquely kinky.




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