Tel Aviv escorts seeking a daddy?

Tel Aviv escortsYes, I was actually asked this question. Was I looking for a daddy? I couldn’t believe the question at first. I’m not looking for a daddy or even a husband for that matter. However, I am a businesswoman. So, I asked my potential client what he meant by this question. Much to my surprise, he wanted me to act like I was his stepdaughter. This seemed extremely odd to me. With that said, I did see a video like this at a tube site.

Long story made short, I had to watch it with one of my Tel Aviv escorts clients.

I consider a client like to this to be into role playing. My Tel Aviv escorts customer had a very specific fantasy. He wanted me to be dressed in a slightly conservative skirt and white button down blouse. He wanted to catch me looking at porn on my phone. I acted this out and went along with it. He caught me and pretended to be upset with me. Asked me why I was looking at porn. I tried to come up with the best answer I could.

Much to my surprise, this Tel Aviv escorts experience took an interesting twist. My client bent me over his knee and spanked me. He hiked up my skirt and even pulled down my panties. I can’t say that his spanking hurt me. The goal wasn’t to hurt actually hurt me. What he wanted more than anything was to continue along with this fantasy. A fantasy that was now in full force.

I kept telling him I was sorry. He didn’t buy it. He told me that I needed to prove it. The only way I could is if I sucked my stepfather’s cock. A task that I was more than willing to do. I looked up at him with big pouty eyes while sucking his cock. I dialed in his fantasy perfectly and I could tell this by his reaction. He kept moaning and groaning the entire time. His cheeks were slightly blushed by the fact he was finally living out this fantasy of his.

I couldn’t have predicted what was about to happen next. He told me to get on all fours and he wanted to set the record straight. I did and he slid a condom over his cock. All Tel Aviv escorts I know of carry a stash of condoms. This guy had his own. I’m glad he was thinking about it. I would’ve forgot until it was too late. I really was that into the whole fantasy thing. I actually felt a little like his stepdaughter. I know that probably sounds pretty crazy to some of you. It’s true and that’s why the guy was really into it.

There’s one point where the Tel Aviv escorts experience really turns wild. It was when he was spanking my ass while fucking me from behind. He kept saying that I needed to learn my lesson. I shouldn’t look at porn any more on the internet. I kept telling him that I was sorry. I won’t ever do it again. I kept apologizing and he told me that the time for being sorry was over. Now it was time to make daddy cum. He had me jerk off his cock and it squirted semen all over the place. I was such a bad girl he said. So bad, I made him make a huge mess!


Are there any cowgirl escorts in Tel Aviv?

escorts in Tel AvivThe title says it all. I was actually asked if there were any cowgirl escorts in Tel Aviv. Just typing that felt kind of weird. I’ve never known any cowgirls here. Like always, I was more than willing to hear the guy out. What possibly could he be asking for? That’s what I had to find out. I did find out. I was shocked and quite a bit confused.

My client wanted me to dress up in short shorts and cowboy boots. He also wanted me to play with a fake gun. We were supposed to have a shootout. That’s right, a shootout. You can imagine my intrigue. My escorts in Tel Aviv client assured me that there would be no real guns involved. I figured it would be an experience that I’d never forget. Why not agree to it? I did and what happened was something that most people never experience.

As most escorts in Tel Aviv already know, it’s very important to be discreet. I never show up looking like someone who works as an escorts in Tel Aviv. That doesn’t mean I don’t dress sexy. I just tone it down so the neighbors of my client’s neighbors don’t think something is going on. The last thing I want is to hear from an angry wife who learned that their husband is cheating on them. It’s happened to quite a few escorts in Tel Aviv that I know of.

I walked into his apartment wearing a skirt that went down to my knees. Underneath my skirt was a pair of very short shorts. I was also wearing some of the most sexy cowboy boots I’ve ever seen. I bought the boots especially for this encounter. My client told me he’d generously tip me if my costume was good enough. I figured an investment in a cowboy hat and boots would be generously rewarded. They were, but that’s besides the point.

This is how the entire escorts in Tel Aviv encounter went down.

I walk into his place and see he’s already dressed up like a cowboy. From there, I take off my clothes to reveal my cowgirl outfit. My client at this point begins to hand roll a cigarette like a cowboy. He pretended to smoke the cigarette. I didn’t actually see him inhale any of the smoke. He talked with a drawl like they do on Westerns. I don’t know what he was saying. To be honest, I couldn’t understand a word he said. I just know he was talking like a cowboy.

We had a shootout with the fake guns. I never thought that I’d say that when talking about a escorts in Tel Aviv client experience. We did and afterwards we had sex. Not just any kind of sex. He made sure to fuck me from behind. He said a cowboy needs to learn how to tame his broncos. I really don’t know what that means. I just know he fucked me from behind after we had the fake shootout. All in all, not a bad escorts in Tel Aviv experience. Just kind of strange. Which kind of sums up quite a few of my encounters. It’s this sort of thing that keeps me on my toes. Not a bad thing when you’re in the line of work that I’m in.


Fruit buffet independent escort Tel Aviv

independent escort Tel AvivI’ve had a few food fetish clients in the past. They all tend to be similar.  I asked him several times to be clear as to what exactly he wanted. He told me the same thing each and every time. It goes to show that my hearing is fine. It’s my imagination that can’t seem to fathom stuff like this.

I try to eat fruit each and every day. I’ve never actually had fruit shoved up my pussy before. It goes to show that there are still quite a few things this independent escort Tel Aviv hasn’t experienced yet. I know that every day there’s potential for something new and extremely different.

This was exactly that. It was different and not like anything I’ve ever experienced as a independent escort Tel Aviv.

Let me set the scene for you. I walk into this guy’s house and all I see is fruit. He had several silver platters with nothing but fruit on them. This guy had to spent at least several hundred dollars on nothing but fruit. There was even fruit that I’ve never seen before. Luckily for my tummy, he allowed me to take home as much as I wanted. I walked out of his place with two grocery bags completely full of fruit.

My pussy was a schmorgesborg of fresh fruit. I had bananas shoved up there, pineapple, and even grapes. Along with a few things I still don’t know what they were. My independent escort Tel Aviv client ate all the fruit out of my pussy. He fished each and every piece out with his tongue. He really enjoyed eating the fruit out of my pussy. I’m not going to lie, I liked it too. He was actually handsome too. I really enjoyed looking down at him while he licked me.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I didn’t find this independent escort Tel Aviv client at all strange. I don’t think there’s anything strange about a guy who likes the taste of pussy. In fact, that seems to kind of make sense to me. That’s not to say a twat full of cherries is run of the mill. It’s not by any means. There are times where my independent escort Tel Aviv encounters feel more like an experiment than a job. This was certainly one of those times.

Which fruit did I enjoy the best? It had to be the banana. It felt kind of like a cock shoved up my pussy. The guy fucked me with it. I’m not going to lie, I ran straight home and douched. I kept worrying about getting a yeast infection after having all that fruit shoved up my pussy. I also didn’t want my next client to think that he was going down on a fruit basket. I’d hate to read an online review of my services as a independent escort Tel Aviv and find out someone thought I smelled like peaches. You never know who’s going to find that to be a major turn off.


Escorts in Tel Aviv will use a Strap on Dildo?

escorts in tel avivI had a client tell me that no escorts in Tel Aviv would use a strap on dildo on him. He called me up and said that right on the phone. I don’t know if no escorts in Tel Aviv would do that. I can name a few that I know for a fact would. I wasn’t going to argue with the guy. I told him I’d be more than happy to do it. There was just one problem, I don’t own a strap on dildo. He told me that wasn’t a problem at all. In fact, he has a favorite dildo that he likes women to use on him. That was a first for my ears and I haven’t heard anything like it since. As long as he’s a paying customer, I’m up for just about anything.

I walked into this guy’s apartment and he took me back to his bedroom. There I saw a dildo collection that just blew my mind. This guy had more dildos than a woman! He then asked me what color dildo I wanted to fuck him with. I told him that it didn’t matter to me. He ended up picking the biggest and longest dildo that he had. I’ll admit that I’ve never worn a strap on until this point. I’ve had no reason to. I’ve only fucked guys in my private life and none of them were into anal stimulation. The guy was nice and walked me through how to wear it and all that. In fact, I’d say he was quite gentlemanly. I had a feeling that he could have been gay, but the topic never came up. He seemed far more soft spoken and caring than guys I’ve ever been with.

I kept thinking that no escorts in Tel Aviv would do this for the guy as I strapped on the dildo.

Then I realized that I’ve never seen a guy’s asshole like this before. The guy was bent over and his asshole was looking up at me. To be quite honest, it took me by surprise what his asshole looked like. I could tell that his asshole has taken a pounding or two in its day. I can maybe understand at this point why no escorts in Tel Aviv would do this. But, I really don’t believe that. I mean, I’ve heard of escorts in Tel Aviv doing way more crazy stuff than this.

I stuck the dildo in the guy’s ass and began fucking him. It was odd to get this view of a guy. I kind of know now what it’s like to fuck someone. He jerked off while I stuffed his asshole full of a big fat dildo. It goes to show that escorts in Tel Aviv do all kinds of crazy stuff. The guy masturbated and came all over his bed. It was a load that seemed to even surprise him. He didn’t even seemed phased in the slightest that his bed was covered in semen. In fact, he laid down on it and told me I could let myself out. I’m still not sure that there are no escorts in Tel Aviv that wouldn’t do this. Maybe he just liked what I looked like after visiting my site.


Sex in Tel Aviv with a Very big cock

sex in tel avivAs an escort I’ve had a lot of sex in Tel Aviv. I recently had a guy ask me if I have sex with guys that have big cocks. I was taken back by what he asked me. Most guys think they have a big cock. I can’t tell you how many average to small cocks I’ve seen. Guys, it’s not as big as you think it is. But, I did come across a guy that really did have a big cock. I’m going to tell you what our sex in Tel Aviv was like.

Let’s skip to the sex in Tel Aviv that I had this unforgettable day.

The guy asked me in his bedroom if I was okay with having sex with a big cock. I batted my eyelashes and said you’ve got nothing that I haven’t seen before. I’ve had plenty of sex in Tel Aviv and I know a thing or two about cocks. He smiled and then pulled down his pants. Right that minute my jaw fell right to the floor. The guy just looked at me and he could see my amazement. It was like nothing that I’ve ever seen before. Big, fat, and so long. I’ve never seen a cock this size ever. I touched it and asked the guy if it was real. He smiled and said that it was.

What does a girl do with a cock that looks like it’s about a foot and a half long? I asked him if he ever had sex in Tel Aviv with an escort before? He shook his head and said one time. I asked him if he had a condom. That’s when he shook his head no and I was puzzled. I didn’t know if a condom for regular guys would work. Maybe it wasn’t a foot and a half, I don’t know. I just know it was a whole lot bigger than anything that I’ve seen before. The guy was really tall too. I’d say he was almost seven feet tall or more.

I sucked the guy’s cock and could only fit about half of it in my mouth. I can deep throat most guys without any problem. It was all I could do to fit half of his fat cock in my mouth. I even choked and gagged on it a few times. Surprisingly enough, a regular condom did fit on his cock. I was worried the whole time that the condom would break. It didn’t break and everything went smoothly. It was almost as if it was any other sex in Tel Aviv experience. The only difference was, this guy had a huge cock. I mean a cock so big that it still shocks me to think about it. He wasn’t all that good in bed though. I imagine the average woman doesn’t want to have anything to do with a cock that big. I can’t say it was the best sex in Tel Aviv that I’ve ever had. It wasn’t the worst, not by a long shot. I learned that night that size really doesn’t matter. It’s skill and knowing how to use what you have that matters the most.


Independent escort Tel Aviv with soapy tits

independent escort Tel AvivThis guy actually said he needed an independent escort Tel Aviv with soapy tits. He needed it like someone needs air or water to live. There are those times when you just go with the flow. I told the potential client that I had what he needed. I have two big tits and can make them soapy. I’ve never heard someone sound more happy after I told him that.

My client asked me if I could pick up my favorite sudsy material and he’d reimburse me afterwards. I’ve never done anything quite like this as an independent escort Tel Aviv. I bought a bottle of my favorite shower gel and brought it with me. While at the store, I realized this was going to be my first independent escort Tel Aviv shower experience. Up until then, I hadn’t ever been in the shower with a client before. I didn’t know how to feel about that. I’m always a little uneasy when I do something for the very first time. Aren’t we all?

I don’t think a person needs to be an independent escort Tel Aviv to feel nervous about doing something for the first time.

I was quite surprised to find out my client didn’t want to have sex with me. In fact, he didn’t get naked at all. The guy actually wore a bathing suit in the shower. I don’t know what the deal with that was. I was so surprised to see him wearing swimming trunks and no shirt. I guess he felt uncomfortable being naked around an independent escort Tel Aviv. It was kind of weird really. Strange is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about this independent escort Tel Aviv experience. Very few guys call up escorts and not want to get naked around them.

I found this odd ball client to be quite the gentleman. He kept asking me if the water was too hot or too cold. He even let me dial in the temperature just the way I liked it. I stood in front near the showerhead and he was behind me. My client put some shower gel on his hands and really went to town washing my tits. I knew then that he really did have a fetish for soapy tits. I don’t think my tits have ever been covered with so many suds. I certainly had the cleanest tits of any independent escort Tel Aviv that night.

My client asked if he could wash the rest of my body also. I told him that he could. He didn’t spend nearly as much time on everything else as he did my tits. Though, my ass was sparkling clean by the time it was all over as well. This was one of those independent escort Tel Aviv clients that will remain in my memory forever. I could feel at times his hard penis poking me in my ass as he washed my tits. That was about as sexual as it ever got.


Sex in Tel Aviv – One of the Wildest Ever

sex in tel avivI just had the wildest sex in Tel Aviv ever. I still can’t believe what happened. I’m actually shaking right now. It really was that much fun. I don’t think there are many times when I came straight home and wrote about what happened. That’s what happens when you have the best ever sex in Tel Aviv. I wish I could say that I was speechless. I’m not and I’ll probably be up all night playing with myself while thinking about what happened.

My client was everything I could ever want a man to be. The first thing he did was give me flowers. A dozen red roses is what he had waiting for me. I’ve never seen this guy ever before. We didn’t know each other at all. He was a handsome man with dark hair and a mustache. I’d say he was in his late 20’s. I got the feeling that he was a young up and coming professional. A guy who was going places in his career.

Why was this the best sex in Tel Aviv I’ve ever experienced? The reason couldn’t be more simple. The sex seemed like it lasted forever. I usually have a set limit on how long I’ll spend with a client. I knew we were going to go over the limit. I didn’t care one bit. My client started out by going down on me. He didn’t once lift his head up for air. He licked parts of my pussy that I never knew existed. I’d say he licked me for probably thirty minutes or more. It may’ve even been closer to an hour. I didn’t pay attention at all. I had an orgasm and it felt great.

How does an escort repay for her best sex in Tel Aviv oral experience ever?

I did so by going down on him. I was so slow and took my time. I held his cock in my throat and licked his balls. I wasn’t in the slightest bit of a hurry. I made sure not to make him cum. I didn’t want him to fill my mouth with his creamy seed. I wasn’t anywhere near done with him.

I wanted to make sure this was his best sex in Tel Aviv as well. I hopped on and rode his cock. I listened closely to make sure not to do too much. I didn’t want him to bust a nut in my pussy. Yes, he was wearing a condom, but I had a surprise for him. I know how much guys loves to finish off in my asshole. That’s what I was saving for him. Anal sex is great, but the final busting of the nut is better in the asshole.

I got on all fours and offered up my ass. My client seemed to think about it for awhile. It didn’t take long to persuade him. I’ve got one of those asses that men just can’t get enough of. The thought of him finishing himself off in my asshole was too much to handle. There was no way he could look back now. He plowed right into my asshole and didn’t miss a beat. The orgasm he had was something else. I could tell by the way his penis twitched this was his best sex in Tel Aviv ever. I paid close attention to the condom after he took it off. I was surprised by the amount of semen in it. It looked more like a water balloon than a condom. That’s how full of semen it was.


Independent escorts Tel Aviv who’ll let me lick them

independent escorts Tel AvivThat’s exactly what the email said. My client asked via email if he could lick me. Keep in mind this was our first independent escorts Tel Aviv encounter. I didn’t know this guy from a box of rocks. Licking isn’t too uncommon and that’s why it wasn’t a shock to me. However, it would become a shock. I found out that he had a licking fetish. The guy was actually seeking independent escorts Tel Aviv to lick from head to toe.

I’d like to think of myself as an independent escorts Tel Aviv who takes good care of herself. I’m a bit of a neat freak. I always look and smell my best. I have no problems whatsoever getting naked in front of my clients. I was a little freaked out by this guy who wanted to lick me from head to toe. I don’t exactly know why that was. I think it made me feel uncomfortable because I was fearful something wouldn’t taste right. I know that sounds really odd. Who knows what odd taste or smell may come from any part of the body that you rarely think about.

I show up at the guy’s house and was really nervous. This was one of those times when I wasn’t sure about this independent escorts Tel Aviv job. It sounds crazy, I know. I’ve done so much more weird stuff. I was nervous and there’s no reason to be shy about it. I walked in and we chatted for awhile. The entire time I kept worrying about sweating. I didn’t know if I was sweating or not. I still don’t know why I was so hard on myself. Maybe I should’ve had a drink before coming over. I’m not that type of person though. I hope that I’ll never be one either.

The small talk was something that as a independent escorts Tel Aviv I’m used to. We eventually made our way to the bedroom. There my client undressed me. I laid totally naked on his bed and was trembling. My client actually asked why I was so nervous. I told him and we both chuckled. He told me not to worry. He’s had several independent escorts Tel Aviv experiences before. Some were better than others. He assured me that I smelled and tasted better than most independent escorts Tel Aviv that he’s encountered.

What happened during this independent escorts Tel Aviv experience?

I didn’t have sex with the guy. All he did was lick me. He even told me to roll over to lick the rest of me. The guy finished by eating my pussy. Actually, he licked my pussy. That would be a more accurate description of what happened. I was surprised by the fact that I was able to have an orgasm. It felt great, but the resulting relaxation was even better. I wouldn’t mind having more clients lick me like this. I could probably cut back on showering if they did.


Escorts in Tel Aviv who don’t mind shivering

escorts in tel avivThis was a new one for me. As most escorts in Tel Aviv, I think I’ve seen it all. I haven’t. Not by a long shot. I’m reminded of that fact at least once per week. At some point you’d think that I’d learn not to think I know it all. I know that I get more strange requests than most escorts in Tel Aviv. But, it still catches me off guard.

Let me tell you about how this escorts in Tel Aviv experience all went down. It was a hot summer day. My car was in the shop and I needed to take the bus. There’s just one problem with all of this and I still can’t get over it. I had to take a big furry coat with me on the bus. Everyone looked at me so strange. It was hot as fuck outside and I’m carrying a coat. Needless to say, no one there could’ve known how strange my day was about to become.

I walked into this guy’s apartment and I knew right away why he told me to bring a coat. It was cold inside his apartment. It felt like I was walking into a refrigerator. I shiver just thinking about it right now. I don’t know how many escorts in Tel Aviv have ever had an experience like this. The guy wasn’t shivering at all. In fact, he was smiling from ear to ear. He was a short guy who wore glasses. I was surprised by how skinny he was. I’d think a guy who liked it so cold would’ve had some meat on his bones.

It was hot outside and I wasn’t dressed appropriately for any of this. I was shivering and put my coat on right away. This is where my client had the escorts in Tel Aviv experience he was after. For some reason it really turned him on to watch women shiver in the cold. My client kept saying that he wanted to keep me warm. We walked into his bedroom and he took off my coat. I couldn’t believe how cold I was. He put his arms around me and try felt my body shiver. I could feel my client’s penis grow as he wrapped his arms around me.

No one ever said this escorts in Tel Aviv job is easy.

Some clients are more work than others. I couldn’t believe that my client wanted to have sex with me. More importantly, he wanted me to take my clothes off. I don’t even know how cold it was in his apartment. I’d say it was at least 10 degrees Celsius. I did take my clothes off and we proceeded to have sex. I was worried the entire time that I’d get sick. Luckily his bed was had a fur blanket or something underneath me. It was somewhat warm, but I continued to shiver.

I’ve never shivered like this in my entire life. I can’t imagine that many other escorts in Tel Aviv have either. I’ll never look at cold temperatures or shivering the same way again. I’ll make sure to dress warmly if this guy ever wants my services again.


Best escorts Tel Aviv who can act like a Robot

best escorts tel avivDid you know that some guys are turned on by robots? I had no idea until I had a client seeking the best escorts Tel Aviv robots out there. I’m not a robot and I’ve never been one. I’ve never even thought about pretending to be a robot. I know there are a lot of guys out there who are into science fiction. This takes it all to a whole new level. I never knew there were guys seeking best escorts Tel Aviv to act like robots. Now, I do.

Like most of my clients, this guy found me through my website. I had no idea such a fetish existed. How was I to act like a robot? That’s a question that I forgot to ask. I arrived at his hotel room and he looked stunned. I don’t know if he expected me to show up as a robot or what. I just know that my client at first acted like he didn’t ask for the best escorts Tel Aviv that can act like a robot. He looked me over from top to bottom. I tried to be as discreet as possible when telling him who I was. It didn’t click right away.

My client went on to tell me he wanted me to talk like a robot. I was also told to move like a robot. I’m not really sure how robots talk and move. I’ve seen it on TV a time or two before. Who hasn’t seen a movie with a robot in it? Most of us don’t remember how the robot actually moved and talked. I have to admit, I was winging it here. I tried my best escorts Tel Aviv and the result was somewhat comical.

I tried to suck his cock in a way that was mechanical. I think I just went down on him in a choppy manner. I can’t say it was robotic. But, it wasn’t smooth either. My client then wanted to hop on his cock and ride it like a robot. At this point I started to wonder if I was the best escorts Tel Aviv to do this sort of thing. I honestly had my doubts. There was no turning back at this point. I already knew I was in it for the long haul. I rode his cock like what I thought a robot would.

I gave it my best escorts Tel Aviv shot ever.

How good of a job did I do? I made him cum. He filled the condom up full of semen pretty quickly. I was surprised when he asked if it was possible to book another visit. He was going to be in town for a few more days and wanted to have some more fun. I guess I wasn’t so bad at acting like a robot after all. We hooked up again before he left. Now I can say that I had sex with a man while acting like a robot. It was probably my best escorts Tel Aviv acting job ever.