My job giving erotic massage Tel Aviv

erotic massage Tel AvivA lot of people don’t know that I give erotic massage Tel Aviv. I don’t always do escorting and sometimes I give massages. It’s a side business that’s growing over time. It can be far less innocent than it sounds. Usually it involves a handjob or something along those lines. The guys don’t just want a massage. I think most guys seeking a erotic massage Tel Aviv actually do want an escort. They just have a problem admitting it to themselves. That’s the reason why most of these guys get a erotic massage Tel Aviv and not the full blown escort experience.

I don’t have a specific erotic massage Tel Aviv story to tell.

This is more of a collection of stories. More to the point, it’s all about the cumshot. I’ve learned that the hard way. I’m not lying when I say I’ve had a few guys shoot cum in my eye. I don’t know what I was thinking. Not all guys shoot cum like they do in porno movies. But, a few of them actually do. I don’t know what causes a guy to shoot out cum like that. I think it’s because they haven’t had an orgasm in awhile. I do notice that some guys shoot out a good distance if it takes them a long time to reach orgasm. The longer it takes, the more velocity it seems the semen has when it flies out.

I remember one guy called me up and asked if I could come over and give him a massage. I went over to his place and he answered the door naked. I already knew I was in for something different. I then proceeded to give him the best erotic massage Tel Aviv ever. He then had me jerk him off and it took forever. I mean I jerked his cock until I thought my arm was going to fall off. He was moaning and groaning really loud the entire time. He squirted a huge load of cum that ended up drenching me. I remember there was thick cum dangling from my chin. It was in my hair and all over the place! I don’t know if this guy was saving up for a year or what. I just know that guy busted a nut that I’ll never forget. It’s stories like this that only a erotic massage Tel Aviv can tell.

Most guys seeking erotic massage Tel Aviv are all the same. They’re usually middle to upper class with a good education. They don’t want to have sex with me, but want someone to get them off. They aren’t ready to admit they want to have sex with a stranger for money. But, they’re more than willing to have a erotic massage Tel Aviv. I don’t mind and I suppose on some level I understand. This is especially true if they’re married and not happy at home. They need to release some sexual tension and the wife won’t do it. That’s when my hands come into play and massage every part of a man’s body. By every part, I really do mean it. As you all know after reading this.




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