My first COSPLAY Escort Tel Aviv Experience

escort tel avivI’m new to cosplay and being a escort Tel Aviv I’ve got to mix things up a bit. It’s not possible for me to live under a rock my entire life. I need to branch out to be the best escort Tel Aviv I can be. It’s always my goal to offer up as many services as possible. This ensures that I’ll always have plenty of customers. This to me is a real business and I always think of it as such. Yes, I do enjoy having sex and I love being paid for it. But, I’ve got to pay my bills just like every single one of you people out there reading this.

I’m not going to tell you what cosplay character I am. I don’t want a big time video game company to hunt me down and all that stuff. You have no idea how some of these companies can be when their games are mentioned. Let’s just say that I’m the princess that an Italian plumber is always trying to rescue. My body type and long blonde hair work best for this costume. I find that everyone knows who this princess is. You don’t have to be a total video game nerd to know who she is. I even find that my older clients know who she is. I suppose they grew up playing video games with this Italian guy and the princess in them.

What do guys like me to do while I’m wearing this costume? Pretty much anything you can think of and a whole lot that you can’t. There’s not much they don’t like me to do. I once had this client with a huge cock fuck me in the ass while I was wearing my princess costume. I even had a threesome with two guys dressed up as super heroes. That was the wildest experience ever. It’s not every day that you get banged by two guys who are normally busy saving the day. It’s all in a line of duty when you’re a escort Tel Aviv. I can say that for certain from first hand experience.

I even had a woman ask for a escort Tel Aviv sexual encounter.

Let’s just say she was dressed up as a wonderful woman. I think you can figure out what I’m trying to say here. She was a wonder in the sack and actually spent most of our time eating my pussy. I’ll never turn down a customer that wants to pay me for going face deep in my pussy. That’s just one of the benefits of being a escort Tel Aviv. There really are some people that like to please and don’t worry about being taken care of themselves. It’s kind of odd really, but I don’t think about it too much. It’s like paying someone else to eat your food at a restaurant. I just chalk it up as being one of the more strange aspects of life as an escort.




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