It’s hard work being an Escort Tel Aviv

escort tel avivI’m not the type of person that complains about their job. In fact, I like being an escort Tel Aviv. It’s a great job and I like the money a lot. I’m a very sexual type of woman and I’ve got a great body for it. I have big EE cup tits and the guys just love them. I’ve heard from other escort Tel Aviv that they wish their bust was big like mine. I get plenty of tips because of it too. What guy out there doesn’t love playing with a big pair of all natural tits? I’m a girl and even I like to play with a pair from time to time!

As a escort Tel Aviv I come across all kinds of customers.

I had this one client that really was difficult. At some point this guy was in a car accident. It left him unable to use his legs and he gets around using a wheelchair. He called me up and said that many escort Tel Aviv don’t like to service guys like him. It’s because he has a really difficult time achieving an orgasm. I told him that it wouldn’t be a problem for me. I also told him that I’d have no problems making him bust a nut. I had no idea at the time how much I’d regret those words.

I went to his apartment and he was a very nice gentlemen. He offered me drinks and all that stuff. I told him that I don’t like to drink while I’m at work. It’s generally a bad thing and I try to avoid it. I could tell he was just trying to be nice. I know some escort Tel Aviv would be very leery of anyone offering them a drink. I am too, but this guy wasn’t harmful in the slightest. The last thing I’m afraid of is a guy in a wheelchair. Though, you never know who may try to slip you something in your drink.

I was amazed by how this guy was able to maneuver himself into the bed. I had to be on top and do all the work. I don’t mind doing that. Even though I know there are quite a few lazy escort Tel Aviv out there. I’m not one of them and will always work hard to satisfy every customer. Even if that means working up a sweat. I’ll be more than happy to do it and that’s why I have so many repeat customers. While I rode my client like a bucking bronco he told me that many escort Tel Aviv wouldn’t do this for him. It made me feel sorry for the guy. After all, he deserves to enjoy life like the rest of us.

How long did it take the guy to have an orgasm? It took almost the entire hour. I got off of him and sucked his cock for a little while. That didn’t seem to do much of anything to help the cause. I broke out my lube and greased his cock up a good one. Then I proceeded to jerk him off with all that I had. I can tell you right now, not many escort Tel Aviv would have worked as hard as I did. I was beating him off like a madwoman. I knew when he was about to bust his nut it would go all over the place. A guy that takes this long to cum has a lot of semen bottled up inside of him. When he finally did cum, it went all over the place. I even got some of it in my hair. The guy just kept cumming and cumming all over the place. I really believed that it wasn’t going to end. It was one of those cumshots that a escort Tel Aviv experiences only once in awhile.




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