Escorts in Tel Aviv who don’t mind shivering

escorts in tel avivThis was a new one for me. As most escorts in Tel Aviv, I think I’ve seen it all. I haven’t. Not by a long shot. I’m reminded of that fact at least once per week. At some point you’d think that I’d learn not to think I know it all. I know that I get more strange requests than most escorts in Tel Aviv. But, it still catches me off guard.

Let me tell you about how this escorts in Tel Aviv experience all went down. It was a hot summer day. My car was in the shop and I needed to take the bus. There’s just one problem with all of this and I still can’t get over it. I had to take a big furry coat with me on the bus. Everyone looked at me so strange. It was hot as fuck outside and I’m carrying a coat. Needless to say, no one there could’ve known how strange my day was about to become.

I walked into this guy’s apartment and I knew right away why he told me to bring a coat. It was cold inside his apartment. It felt like I was walking into a refrigerator. I shiver just thinking about it right now. I don’t know how many escorts in Tel Aviv have ever had an experience like this. The guy wasn’t shivering at all. In fact, he was smiling from ear to ear. He was a short guy who wore glasses. I was surprised by how skinny he was. I’d think a guy who liked it so cold would’ve had some meat on his bones.

It was hot outside and I wasn’t dressed appropriately for any of this. I was shivering and put my coat on right away. This is where my client had the escorts in Tel Aviv experience he was after. For some reason it really turned him on to watch women shiver in the cold. My client kept saying that he wanted to keep me warm. We walked into his bedroom and he took off my coat. I couldn’t believe how cold I was. He put his arms around me and try felt my body shiver. I could feel my client’s penis grow as he wrapped his arms around me.

No one ever said this escorts in Tel Aviv job is easy.

Some clients are more work than others. I couldn’t believe that my client wanted to have sex with me. More importantly, he wanted me to take my clothes off. I don’t even know how cold it was in his apartment. I’d say it was at least 10 degrees Celsius. I did take my clothes off and we proceeded to have sex. I was worried the entire time that I’d get sick. Luckily his bed was had a fur blanket or something underneath me. It was somewhat warm, but I continued to shiver.

I’ve never shivered like this in my entire life. I can’t imagine that many other escorts in Tel Aviv have either. I’ll never look at cold temperatures or shivering the same way again. I’ll make sure to dress warmly if this guy ever wants my services again.




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