Escorts in Tel Aviv that will allow me to play doctor?

escorts in tel avivAre there any? It looks like there is one. Yes, I’m the escorts in Tel Aviv who’s willing to do just about anything once. This was my first ever experience with anything involving medical fetishes. I’ve never ever had a single client who wanted to pretend to be a doctor. This guy literally was searching for escorts in Tel Aviv who’d allow him to act like a doctor.

This guy’s acting skills were something else. He made sitcom actors seem like people performing Shakespeare. I’ll cut him a little slack. He did seem nervous. It very well could’ve been the first time he had ever done with this with an escorts in Tel Aviv before. Who knows really. I still haven’t wrapped my head around all that went down.

I walk into this guy’s apartment which he calls his “office”. He’s wearing a white coat and has one of those mirrors on his forehead. I can’t make this sort of stuff up. He checked my pulse and then my blood pressure. He told me that I wasn’t looking very well. That’s when I discovered he had to take my temperature. Though, he needed to do it anally. You can see where this is going now.

My client didn’t say he was looking for escorts in Tel Aviv to have anal sex with.

If he had, I would’ve told him that costs extra. I let it pass and pulled down my skirt. Luckily I was wearing stockings that only came up to my legs. I pulled down my panties so he could check my temperature. He wrapped a condom around his cock and slid it deep in my ass. It actually hurt at first. I’m not sure why that was. He wasn’t too big. I do get nervous when going to the doctor. Maybe somehow in the back of my mind I was afraid of this fake doctor. Who knows.

After he anal sex cam the pelvic exam. He used a speculum and opened up my pussy wide. I looked down at him with the mirror on his head and he reminded me of a coal miner. He kept mumbling while looking at my pussy. It was amusing at first. Then, I wondered if he was actually seeing something. That’s when I snapped back to reality and realized he’s just a poor actor. There’s nothing going on in between my legs. My pussy is inspected by horny guys left and right. They’d tell me if something was wrong.

The speculum came off and that’s when the sex resumed. I guess he had enough playing doctor. Now it was time to plow my pussy a good one. He put on another condom and then proceeded to pound me hard. Most escorts in Tel Aviv carry with them condoms. I didn’t have to break a single one out this time. He had a stash of condoms that took me by surprise. I guess the good doctor believes in safe sex. Which is something I think we all can get behind.




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