Escorts in Tel Aviv to fuck at a fast food restaurant

escorts in tel avivI got what had to be the strangest offer the other day.  A guy called me up asking if I knew any escorts in Tel Aviv that would fuck him in a fast food restaurant.  I was at first taken away by such a request.  I don’t know of anyone that would even consider having sex in a restaurant filled with people.  I talked to the guy a little more and he said he was a manager at the restaurant.  He’d want me to stop by early in the morning to have sex with him before the restaurant opened.

I thought about it for a minute.  Sure, I know plenty of escorts in Tel Aviv.  I then figured it sounded like a gig I could do.  I told him I’d do it.  He was so happy and gave me directions and said what time to be there.  I was shocked to find out that he goes to work at three in the morning!  I’m usually laying in bed sound asleep at that time.  I’ll do anything for a paying customer, even if it means waking up way too early.

How many escorts in Tel Aviv have ever serviced a client in a fast food restaurant?

Probably not many.  I consider myself one of the lucky few.  I arrived at the restaurant and the whole place was pitch black.  Certainly not some place most escorts in Tel Aviv would even consider trying to gain entry to.  I knocked on the door and waited a few seconds.  I did feel a little uneasy about being out so late or early in the morning.  Whatever you want to call it, to me, it’s way too late.  I saw a figure running around inside the restaurant.

My client opened the door and I walked right in.  I went through another door and was now in the kitchen.  Shortly after I saw a light flicker and the entire place was lit up.  There were even some lights on outside.  He told me not to worry, no workers would be coming in this early.  It was just him until four o’clock.  Then the breakfast crew would come in and start to make sandwiches.  For now, it was just him and me.  I still can’t believe what type of situations I end up in as a escorts in Tel Aviv.  This one certainly was out of the ordinary.

I don’t remember what this guy’s name was.  I do remember how he put me on a table in the kitchen.  He looked me over shaking his head from side to side.  That’s when he smiled and dropped his pants.  I took off my dress and spread my legs.  At this point I knew what I was doing.  The guy fucked me so hard while on he stainless steel table.  He really let me have it and it felt great.  I kept smelling food though.  I guess even when nothing is being cooked, a restaurant still has an odor.  This place did and I couldn’t help but get a whiff of it every time I inhaled deeply.

What was the name of this fast food restaurant where the manager loves escorts in Tel Aviv?  I can’t say what the name is.  All I can say is, they sell muffins for breakfast with eggs.  That’s all I’m willing to say about this guy.  He fucked me right there on the table until he came.  The nice gentleman offered me a free breakfast if I wanted until they opened.  I politely declined as I wanted to get back to bed.  This girl needs her beauty sleep more than a free breakfast sandwich.




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