Escorts in Tel Aviv experience it All

escorts in tel avivI can tell you first hand that escorts in Tel Aviv service all kinds of clients. Here I’m going to tell you about a unique client that I had.  He was a black guy that had a huge cock.  There was just one problem, I couldn’t speak his language.  The black guy only knew a few words in English and nothing in Hebrew.  I don’t know what he was doing in Israel.  I got the feeling that he was a wealthy businessman or came from a family with money.  I say that because he wore nice clothes and he was in a real expensive hotel room.  It had to be one of the best hotel rooms that I’ve ever worked in.

I asked the guy what he wanted me to do. He just looked at me and nervously laughed.  I didn’t know what to do at this point.  I pushed him onto the bed and pointed at his penis.  He smiled again and became really shy.  I know for a fact this isn’t something that escorts in Tel Aviv experience all that often.  I mean, most of us have customers that know exactly what they want.  I have a difficult time keeping up with most of them.  This time, it was totally different.

Clearly this African guy didn’t have much experience with escorts in Tel Aviv.

I laid the guy down on the bed and took off his pants. Which then led to me taking off his underwear.  I then saw one of the biggest cocks ever.  I’ve only seen a cock this big a few times.  I couldn’t believe how big it was.  The craziest part was, he wasn’t even hard!  It grew so much bigger the minute he became excited.  I can assure you that not many escorts in Tel Aviv see cocks this big.  I’d say it was as long as the area from my elbow to my wrist.  I’m not even exaggerating one bit.  It was a cock that most escorts in Tel Aviv would be talking about with their friends for weeks.  I would have known if this guy had been with one of the other girls that I work with.  They would have certainly mentioned it to me.

I sucked this black guy’s cock for dear life. I made sure that the blowjob I gave him was the best I could.  The reason for that was quite simple really.  I didn’t know how to tell the guy to fuck me.  Sure, I could have laid on the bed and motioned for him to get on top of me.  But, he seemed to be enjoying the blowjob I was giving him.  I can’t say that I heard him complain a single bit.  Though, I wouldn’t have been able to understand him if he did.  I let him bust a nut in my mouth and that was it.  I still remember his big cock and it was certainly the biggest I’ve ever seen on a black person before.  I’m sure there are more escorts in Tel Aviv with even wilder stories about big black cocks than mine.  This one was one that I’ll never forget and you probably won’t either.




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