Escort Tel Aviv who can be a statue?

escort tel avivThis one sure took the cake. I still can’t wrap my head around what this guy wanted. Let me set it up for you. I’m eating lunch when someone calls asking if I could stand still like a statue. I later learned that he likes to jerk off while looking at statues. Yes, escort Tel Aviv always somehow find the odd balls. This guy had a strange fetish. Though, he was a very nice gentleman. It goes to show that you can’t judge a person by what turns them on.

Let me tell you how this escort Tel Aviv encounter went down.

My client asked if I would put white powder all over my face. He wanted me to look pale white like a marble statue. The fact that my arms and legs weren’t white wasn’t a problem for him. The main thing he wanted to see was my white face. It goes to show that not all escort Tel Aviv experiences are the same. I often think that no two experiences are ever alike. No matter how similar they appear, something is always different about them.

I’m at his place now. I put on the white powder while sitting in my car. It’s not uncommon for escort Tel Aviv to primp a little before meeting a client. We talk awhile and then move to the bedroom. Once there, he tells me to stand perfectly still. He then put his head up my skirt and that’s when the madness really began. I knew it was very important to him that I stand still. It’s not so easy to stand still when you have a guy’s face in your crotch. This is undoubtedly true when that person is making your pussy feel good. I don’t think I was able to stand perfectly still. I tried my best.

After the oral sex came a fucking like I still can’t believe. I must have been doing something right. He was hard as a rock and horny as fuck. He then told me to lay in the bed with my arms extended towards the ceiling. My legs were to be bent at the knees also. Again, I was told not to move. It wasn’t so easy considering that he was pounding me really hard. I moved because of the force that he was using to drill deep inside my pussy. I always want to be the best escort Tel Aviv possible. That’s why I listen closely and do what my clients ask.

The guy came and snapped his fingers like a television hypnotist does. I suppose that was to signal that I didn’t have to be stiff as a board any more. All in all, it was a pretty tame experience. I found it quite challenging to stay still. I’d do it again if he asked me too. I thought it was kind of interesting really. He gave me a nice little tip and I went on my way. I’m not sure how someone develops a fantasy like that. Maybe it comes from getting turned on by mannequins or statues. It seemed harmless at the time and I still feel that way now about it. Though, it proves that escort Tel Aviv clients are not all the same.




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