Escorts Tel Aviv who understands Trichophilia

escorts tel avivI got an email from someone who was into trichophilia. He was seeking escorts Tel Aviv who could help him live out his fantasies. I had no idea what this fetish was all about. That is until I looked it up online. I then realized it was just a simple hair fetish. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. I replied back to the guy that I had long flowing natural blonde hair. He wrote back immediately and booked an encounter. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a response so fast.

What was my escorts Tel Aviv encounter like? It wasn’t anything like any of you would imagine. The first thing my client requested me to do was to have my hair done. The guy told me that he’d pay for everything. I could even get it styled in the way I like it. What escorts Tel Aviv would turn down an offer like this? I set up an appointment immediately with my hairdresser. I don’t need much of an excuse to get my hair done.

I showed up at my client’s apartment looking great. I also felt great. There’s something about walking out of a salon that makes me feel like a million bucks. I can’t help but look at myself in every mirror I come across one. I’ll even check myself out in any reflection I can as well. It doesn’t have to be a mirror. I just like looking at myself in any way possible.

I walked through the door and I thought my client was going to have a heart attack. He looked at me and just smiled. I could see his hands shaking. He was a rather tall guy and on the plump side. I could tell he was quite an eater. He reminded me of someone who probably works in an office. He wore a button down dress shirt and some casual looking pants. I couldn’t help but wonder when this escorts Tel Aviv encounter was going to get weird. It did in a matter of no time flat.

My client had me sit on a foot stool. He then proceeded to pull down his pants. He was standing there wearing nothing but his underwear. I was eye level with his ball sack and wondering what would happen next. I imagine not many escorts Tel Aviv have experienced anything quite like this before. The guy’s penis began to get hard immediately after he took off his underwear. His hard penis flopped right into my new hairdo. This was about to get really weird.

I really liked my new hairdo. I even took a selfie before arriving at my client’s apartment. The love of my new hairdo was short lived. My client began to jerk off in my hair. He wrapped my hair around his cock and beat off with it. Then he asked me to jerk him off with my hair. That wasn’t all. He also wanted my hair to be around his cock while I sucked on it.

How could I’ve known this escorts Tel Aviv client was about to do something even more weird?

I knew the guy was about to cum when he pulled his penis out of my mouth. He then unwrapped my hair around it. I didn’t know that this escorts Tel Aviv was going to go in the direction it did. What did he do? He shot a huge load of cum right in my hair. It seemed like the semen wouldn’t quite squirting out of his penis. What a mess that was. I had to wash my hair after he was done. So much for my brand new beautiful hairdo!


Which Tel Aviv escorts can pose like a mannequin?

Tel Aviv escortsWe all know about the Mannequin Challenge. It’s where people stand motionless like a mannequin. I got a strangely worded request from a guy seeking an escort who can do that. I really didn’t understand what he was talking about. I got the feeling he was a foreigner. I learned later that was in fact the case. I received an email requesting this and I followed it up with a conversation on the phone. That’s when I knew for sure this was going to be a weird Tel Aviv escorts experience. Maybe not the weirdest one of all, but it would certainly be up there. We booked an encounter and I eventually showed up.

My Tel Aviv escorts client was a middle aged dark skinned man.

I’m not too sure where he was from. I got the feeling he could’ve been from South America. He had a thick accent that made talking to him quite difficult. I could fully understand what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to stand very still while we had sex. My Tel Aviv escorts job is pretty simple if you get right down to it. My job is to make sure the client is satisfied. It doesn’t matter how odd or strange the request may be. I’m the type of escort that likes to please her customers.

It was a little awkward at first. I don’t think my client thought this out very much. My client wanted me to stand still while he undressed me. That’s not really possible for a million and one reasons. I tried my best and eventually I got naked. Keep in mind that I’m in the living room. I’m not in the bedroom and the Tel Aviv escorts encounter never went there. I wasn’t allowed to move. I couldn’t walk to the bedroom if I wanted to.

My client went on to suck on my nipples. He then fondled my pussy. I had no idea where this Tel Aviv escorts encounter was going after that. You can’t really have sex while standing up. At some point he realized this and asked me to bend over. I did and he then proceeded to have sex with me from behind. Throughout the entire experience he kept telling me not to move. He wanted me to stand as stiff as a board. It was actually far more difficult than I thought it would be.

I’ll never think of the Maniquinn Challenge the same way again. I’m sure most of you won’t either. My client really seemed to get off on it though. I’m still a little dumbfounded by it. I’ve never had a Tel Aviv escorts customer quite like this one. He came and then said I could loosen up. I didn’t need to be stiff any longer. Moving had never felt better in my entire life. I actually went for a little walk after all this. I had to do something to stretch my muscles after being stiff for so long.


Independent Escorts in Tel Aviv to Cuddle With

independent escorts in Tel AvivI’m always amazed by the clients looking for independent escorts in Tel Aviv who don’t want sex. I would’ve never thought such an independent escorts in Tel Aviv existed. They do exist and it never ceases to amaze me. Not in the slightest. There are some guys out there who really will spend their cold hard cash for something other than sex. This guy did and it’s still something that has me a more than just a little dumbfounded.

Let’s move ahead to what happened during this independent escorts in Tel Aviv encounter.

The client only wanted me to cuddle with him. He was very specific about wanting me to wear something that I sleep in. I have a whole closet full of sexy lingerie that I wear for my clients. I don’t sleep in much of it. I usually sleep in the nude. I don’t like nothing between me and the sheets. However, I knew exactly what this guy was looking for. I could tell it in his voice when we talked on the phone.

I have this little sexy teddy that I’ve worn for a few of my independent escorts in Tel Aviv clients. Every client who’s seen goes totally crazy over it. This client was no different than the rest. I’ve cuddled with a few of my clients before. However, I’ve never just cuddled and that’s it. There are some guys who like to cuddle after we have sex. I always think that’s kind of sweet. This guy didn’t want sex at all. He just wanted to cuddle.

My client said that he turned to independent escorts in Tel Aviv after his usual cuddle date skipped town on him. I guess there are people who consider themselves professionals at cuddling. I’ve never heard of such a thing. It must be a new fad that’s sweeping through town. I told him not to worry, he’s in good hands. I’ve cuddled a guy or two in my day and I know what I’m doing. He smiled big and felt at ease. I knew then that this wasn’t going to be any ordinary independent escorts in Tel Aviv session.

My client did most of the cuddling. I actually found it quite strange how he kept grinding his pelvis into my ass. I got the feeling that he actually wanted to do a whole lot more than just cuddle. My client didn’t have the courage to cross that line. I could tell there was something blocking him mentally when it came to having sex with me. There are people who have some boundaries that they’re not willing to cross. It seems they’re not ready to cross those boundaries until certain periods in their life is over. I have a feeling this was one of those situations for this guy.

All we did was cuddle. We didn’t have any sex at all. I didn’t suck his cock and there wasn’t even a kiss involved. The entire time he wore silk pajamas and kept grinding his pelvis into me. I could tell his cock was hard as a rock. I didn’t have the heart to ask him if he wanted me to take care of that hard cock of his. Sometimes as a independent escorts in Tel Aviv you need to know when to hold back. This was one of those times.


Independent escorts in Tel Aviv cross dressers

independent escorts in Tel AvivThis request for an independent escorts in Tel Aviv female cross dresser actually had me confused. I thought the guy was looking for a male escort that dresses like a woman. That’s not what he wanted. In fact, he wanted a female independent escorts in Tel Aviv to dress as a man. I told him that I’ve never dressed as a man before. He asked me if was up for the challenge. I paused and gave it a little thought. I came back and said I’d do it. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I’m going to skip ahead directly to the independent escorts in Tel Aviv encounter.

I’m already at my client’s house. We go up into his bedroom and on the bed I see an entire man’s outfit laid out. I also saw a fake mustache and a wig. Yes, this guy actually wanted me to dress up like a man. I even had to wear a fake mustache. I never thought in a million years that I would wear a fake mustache while servicing a client. It’s not even the strangest part.

I had to wear a strap on dildo underneath all the men’s clothing. Now you can see where this independent escorts in Tel Aviv experience is going. I actually needed to have plumbing like a man also. It wasn’t just enough for me to look like a guy. I had to be as close to the real thing as possible. I wish you all could have seen me wearing the whole outfit. I’ll never forget what it felt like to wear a fake mustache. It felt like I had a furry caterpillar on my upper lip.

I want to paint a mental picture of what how everything happened. I’m wearing a wig and a mustache. I also have a man’s T-shirt on underneath a button up dress shirt. I have nice looking dress pants on that were recently ironed. I actually look quite handsome as a man. I was surprised by my appearance when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Dressing up as a man was a first for me as a independent escorts in Tel Aviv.

My client gave the strap on dildo a blowjob. He told me that I should moan like a man who’s having his cock sucked. I tried my best to do so without laughing. I don’t know why I get embarrassed in situations like these. I think it’s because the whole thing is new to me as a independent escorts in Tel Aviv. Every now and then I’d tell him to slow down so I wouldn’t bust a nut. He seemed to like it when I ran my fingers through his hair.

After the blowjob it was my turn to fuck him in the ass. The entire time he begged me to be gentle with him. He told me it was the first time that he ever had something shoved up his ass before. I believe it. He acted like it hurt when I thrusted the fake penis into his asshole. I later learned that he had been having gay fantasies. My client never had been with a man and didn’t feel comfortable having sex with one. That’s why he hired me as his independent escorts in Tel Aviv to help him live out the fantasy.


Independent Escorts Tel Aviv who can pretend to be drunk

independent escorts Tel AvivI received an email from someone saying they were searching for independent escorts Tel Aviv who can act like they’re drunk. He was very specific and said that the escort couldn’t be drunk. In fact, he didn’t want her to drink any alcohol at all the entire day. The not drinking part isn’t a big deal for me. I typically don’t drink alcohol to begin with. I have a drink occasionally to let my hair down. The key word there is occasionally.

We agreed to meet up and I arrived at his apartment. I was able to go on short notice since a previous client of mine rescheduled to another time. I walked in and I thought I was in a nightclub. I don’t think most independent escorts Tel Aviv ever see something like this. His entire living room was decked out in plush soft furniture. He even had a disco ball on the ceiling as a light. I could see a bar in the corner of his apartment.

This is where my independent escorts Tel Aviv experience gets a little weird.

The guy had an empty bottle of vodka and he put water in it. There was some vodka in a glass and he put it on my clothes and body. I literally smelled like someone who was totally drunk. Now is where his independent escorts Tel Aviv fantasy comes into play. He wanted me to act drunk while I took swigs off of the bottle. I had to pretend to be totally plastered while continuing to drink.

My client led me over to one of the soft couches while I pretended to stagger. I had to act like I was really drunk and was having difficulties walking. I did as he asked and eventually laid down on one of the couches. After doing so, my client proceeded to undress me. He started to have sex with me without much conversation. During all of this, he gave me instructions as to what to say to him while pretending to be drunk. I slurred my speech really bad and told him to fuck me harder. He also wanted me to call him daddy. I don’t know why that was. There are quite a few things that happen to us independent escorts Tel Aviv that’s difficult to fully understand.

I had to take several breaks during sex to drink the fake vodka. Eventually my client came and that was it. I had to talk to him while he came. He wanted me to talk dirty while slurring my speech as he ejaculated. We independent escorts Tel Aviv do it all. Some of us are even actresses. I never thought I was one before my line of work as an independent escorts Tel Aviv. Now I feel like I could win an award for my acting.

I left this guy’s apartment and smelled like a drunk. I quickly ran home and took a shower. I don’t know what the guy’s alcohol fetish was all about. I also don’t know why he was strict about me not drinking alcohol. I think that was probably the strangest aspect of this independent escorts Tel Aviv experience.


Independent escorts Tel Aviv space aliens

independent escorts Tel AvivDon’t clean your computer screen. What you’re reading is right. I actually had a client ask for all independent escorts Tel Aviv who are space aliens. I think the guy sent out the same exact email to every independent escorts Tel Aviv he could find. I actually get that quite a lot. I receive messages that seem like they were sent to a lot of independent escorts Tel Aviv. I think the guys hope at least one person will respond.

What did this guy seeking independent escorts Tel Aviv space aliens really want?

This guy had some kind of space fetish where he acts like an alien. I know, it’s pretty fucking weird. He asked if I was okay with that. I have to admit, it was a little odd. However, it certainly wasn’t the strangest request that I’ve ever received. I told the potential client that I was okay with it. We booked an encounter and the rest is independent escorts Tel Aviv history.

What happened between me and my client? It’s something that few independent escorts Tel Aviv have ever experienced. The guy was dressed up as an alien. Actually, he was like a spaceman and alien hybrid. He had a big glass bubble thing around his head like the old astronauts used to wear. The rest of his outfit was like a thin silver metallic looking suit. Did he look like a space alien? Not really. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that though.

My client walked like how you’d expect someone to on a foreign planet. Each step was over exaggerated on how effort it took. We went up the stairs to his bedroom and I was surprised by how normal everything was. I got the feeling that he was either married or had a girlfriend. I could definitely tell there was a woman who lived with him. Just what type of relationship they had, I couldn’t tell.

I was surprised to see my client had a hole in his spacesuit. That hole was for his penis. He pulled it out and I sucked on it. It was funny watching the glass globe around his head fog up. I don’t think he thought all of this through very well. In fact, this might have been the first time he lived out this fantasy. It wasn’t a surprise to me that he had to take the thing off of his head once it fogged up too much. There was no way he could breath while his head was in that glass bubble.

The sex we had was quite an odd experience for an independent escorts Tel Aviv. He put a condom on and all that. The strange thing was, he kept mumbling in some odd made up language. It was a mix of words and some kind of clicking sound. At times I felt like I was listening to a dial up modem I heard once in a movie from the 90’s. The guy had an orgasm and eventually came back to earth. The spaceman odyssey ended shortly after he busted a nut. It was almost as if the orgasm snapped him back into reality.


Independent escort Tel Aviv diaper Experience

independent escort Tel AvivI got a request the other day that was like no other. A guy wanted to know if I would wear an adult diaper while sucking his cock. Sometimes my job as an independent escort Tel Aviv is just too crazy. I never thought in a million years someone would want me to wear an adult diaper. You know, one of those things old people wear. The guy later told me that he was turned on by how his wife’s grandmother wore one. That’s one thing as an independent escort Tel Aviv I wish I hadn’t heard.

Let’s move forward to my independent escort Tel Aviv

adult diaper wearing experience. The client already had a fresh pack of diapers waiting on me. I’m glad that he did. I wouldn’t have had any idea where to begin to buy them. He asked me what size panties I wore and that was it. He was able to find the right diaper for me. It felt so weird typing that. It goes to show that my job as a independent escort Tel Aviv still surprises me at times.

I wish you could have seen my client’s face when he saw me wearing the adult diaper. I’ve never wore such a thing in my life. I have to admit, it actually felt kind of nice. It didn’t feel anywhere near as disgusting as I thought it would. I can honestly say going to the bathroom in one may not be such a bad experience. I wouldn’t know, since I didn’t actually use it. I only had to wear it during this independent escort Tel Aviv encounter. I took it off after the encounter. I had the strange feeling that the guy was going to sniff the diaper after I left. I don’t know if he did or not.

My client wanted to see his independent escort Tel Aviv wearing the diaper while giving him a blowjob. At first he had me get on all fours on the bed and suck his dick. He was standing near the side of the bed and I went to town sucking his cock. He really liked the view of my ass in the diaper. The request that I got next was something that this independent escort Tel Aviv will never forget. I to this day can’t believe what happened.

This is the really strange part. I assume you all are familiar with the classic sixty nine position. My client had me sit on their face while I wore the diaper. I was so afraid that they weren’t going to be able to breath. My client said they’ve done this a million times and it was safe. I reluctantly agreed to sit on his face while going down on him. He asked me to squirm several times and really get the diaper right into his face. Can a independent escort Tel Aviv get any more strange? I really doubt it.

Somehow the weird independent escort Tel Aviv customers keep coming my way. I have no idea why that is. I seem to attract them for whatever reason. I don’t mind. It’s all a part of the job. A job that I truly love.


Private escorts Tel Aviv familiar with cuckold?

private escorts Tel AvivI got another one of those strange requests. They seem to be adding up lately. This one asked if I knew of any private escorts Tel Aviv that are familiar with cuckold. Oddly enough, the guy didn’t ask me directly. Maybe he thought I was a little too wet behind the ears to be familiar with such a thing. I told him in fact that I was and I could help him. Then he asked me another question that really threw me for a loop. He wanted to know if I knew of any male private escorts Tel Aviv that I could have sex with as he watched. I told him no, I don’t know of any.

All of the male private escorts Tel Aviv that I know of service gay clients.

What was I to do? I wanted to make my potential client happy and also earn some money in the process. Then, I remembered a guy who was into kinky stuff. Actually, he’s another client of mine and he likes to fuck me while other people watch. I then realized I could make double the amount as a private escorts Tel Aviv if I fucked my other client while this guy watched. Plus the whole cuckold thing. I told my potential client that I could do it and that’s when we seeled the deal. He went from being a potential client, to being one.

Let me set the scene for you. My voyeuristic client is with me on this encounter. He’s a guy that likes really kinky stuff and all that. Plus, he’s a real character. The kind of person that has a big sense of humor and loves to laugh. My client wanted me and the other guy to say bad stuff to him. Really talk down to him and say how worthless he is. The typical cuckold type of thing. We were to say this to him while he was totally naked and sitting on a chair next to the bed. The guy was sitting on a kitchen chair while my other client and I were fooling around in bed.

I told the guy how small his cock was. My other client and I laughed at the size of his cock. He told him a mosquito has a bigger cock than him. I called him  a low life loser and that needed to get a better job. My other client pulled out a wad of cash from his wallet and said you need to be more like me you fucking loser. Keep in mind this is just another day as a private escorts Tel Aviv. Every day is something new and what happened here was proof of that.

We both said crazy stuff to the guy during sex. I told him he could never please a woman like me. The other guy, told him he’d never have fun with a woman like me in the sack. During the entire private escorts Tel Aviv experience we kept cutting him down so low. He really did get off on it. At one time he was smiling from ear to ear while jerking off. I had to tell him to wipe that silly smile off his face and he loved it even more. I don’t know why these guys get off on the things they do. I’m not a shrink and I’m not going to pretend to be one. I do what my clients ask me to do as a private escorts Tel Aviv.


Sex in Tel Aviv Beach Experience

sex in tel avivI typically don’t have sex in Tel Aviv with normal people. I’m an escort that seriously loves her job. I also don’t have much time for a private life. I’m always at work or working to take care of myself. My clients expect me to look my best and that’s why I work so hard on my appearance. I also do it, to look good for myself. I’m my most harshest critic and I always work hard to please myself. I can’t expect my clients to be happy with my appearance if I’m not.

At least once a week I try to spend a few hours at the beach. I don’t like how fake a tan looks from a tanning bed. I’m also not into the whole orange look of spray on tans. I enjoy being out in the sun and it’s the only break away from work I have, outside of the gym. I’m sitting on the beach catching some rays when this guy gets my attention. He stumbled on the bag I had my clothes in. The guy apologized with the most sexy Italian accent ever. I heard the accent long before I looked up and saw him. This guy, was everything I could have ever wanted in a man. I knew right away sex in Tel Aviv was going to happen. I could feel it in my bones.

His name was Antonio and he had the most chiseled body ever. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I could see every muscle in his chest. I could also tell by the Speedo Antonio wore that he was packing some serious meat in between his legs. I looked up at his eyes and they melted my heart in a way that most guys never have. I offered him a place to sit and we talked. It seemed we talked for at least an hour before I noticed what time it was. I had to go, but I also wanted some sex in Tel Aviv. I can’t describe the feeling I had. I just know that I needed what he had to offer. I’ve never ever felt this way towards another person before.

Let’s now skip to the sex in Tel Aviv. It was getting late and we went back to my place. When I say late, I mean around suppertime. We talked more and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Antonio. I’m not the kind of woman that makes the first move, but, I had to. I leaned over and kissed Antonio right on the lips. I opened his mouth and slid my tongue in. Before I knew it, we were all over each other. We didn’t even make it to my bedroom. Antonio pushed over my coffee table and we were totally naked right there on my living room floor.

I somehow had the presence of mind to reach for my purse during my sex in Tel Aviv encounter.

I rummaged through it and got a condom. I handed it to Antonio and watched in amazement as he rolled it over his big penis. I’ve seen lots of cocks in my day. I don’t know the number, but it’s higher than most people would admit. I’ve never seen one quite like this before. I’m not saying that Antonio’s was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. What made it unique is, the size and width of it. He was both extremely wide and long. Both width and girth was something Antionio packed in between his legs.

I opened my legs and welcomed Antonio’s cock and let out a sigh. The pleasure just from inserting his penis was more than I’ve ever experienced in my life. I don’t know what it was about this sex in Tel Aviv experience. I really did feel almost orgasmic pleasure just with the insertion of his penis. Antonio didn’t hold back and he really let me have it. I dug my fingernails so deep into his back it made him bleed. He didn’t stop and I knew he couldn’t. Antonio was as worked up as I was.

The sex, I’ll never forget it. I can’t even describe how good it was. I had an orgasm and Antonio only had fucked me for five minutes. I’m being a little generous, it may have been three minutes. I don’t know and my mind was somewhere out there in the universe. I’d say for the first time I experienced the kind of sex that some of my clients do. I writhed in pleasure and afterwards Antonio held me tight in his arms. After I regained my composure I returned the favor by giving Antonio what he later said was the best blowjob of his life. I don’t have sex in Tel Aviv for personal pleasure often. When I do, I’m going to call up my newest Italian fuck buddy Antonio.


Independent Escorts Tel Aviv Tranny Threesome

Independent escorts Tel AvivThe requests keep coming in and this one was unique. I got a call asking if I knew independent escorts Tel Aviv that are trannies. I was floored by this. I’ve never been asked this question before. I kept thinking and thinking. Eventually, I did think of one tranny that I know. The potential client asked me if I could set up a meeting between the tranny I knew, myself, and another independent escorts Tel Aviv. This was a huge request and I told him it would cost extra to do all this stuff. The guy said it wouldn’t be the slightest problem. I got the feeling this guy could care less about the price tag. All he cared about was the experience he was going to have.

I set everything up with the tranny and the other girl. We all arrived at the guy’s house and he let us in. I’ve never had an experience with a tranny before. I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into. This is one of those times as a independent escorts Tel Aviv that I was in way over my head. Keep in mind there were a total of four of us in that bedroom. That’s a lot of people in one bed. Four people all fucking, sucking, and doing who knows what with each other. There wasn’t much small talk after the guy let us in. Just a few words were exchanged and then he led us into his bedroom.

I think it would be easier to tell you about how this independent escorts Tel Aviv went down than go through all of it. My client wanted the tranny to fuck him in the ass. While being nailed in the ass, he wanted to fuck me in my pussy. The other girl, she was asked to lick his balls and kiss him. At first we both took turns sucking his cock while the tranny plowed him from behind. She didn’t do her licking until after all the sucking was done. I’m trying to think the best way I can describe to you how it all went down. My client was standing up while he got fucked from behind. I too was standing up and was getting fucked kind of doggy style. I had my legs up on the bed and pushed my ass out for better access. The other girl slithered in between the tranny and the guy. I don’t know if she licked the tranny’s balls or just the client’s. This was a big mountain of moving flesh and I got lost in all of it.

The tranny came first and my client was ecstatic. He seemed to get really turned on as the tranny moaned and groaned. After that, then he handed me a dildo and I fucked him in the ass with it. I did this as he fucked the other girl. He kept begging me to pound him harder with it. I gave it all I had and then some. I was concerned about hurting his asshole. Then I remember how hard the tranny fucked him. Needless to say, my concern for his asshole was not needed.

That’s a sentence most independent escorts Tel Aviv probably never say.

My client wasn’t done yet. He wanted all three of us to take turns sucking his cock. We did so and then said he wanted the tranny to make him cum. Actually, he wanted the tranny to jerk him off all over her big fake tits. The guy’s face was pure bliss as he shot a load all over her tits. They were big and no doubt about it, very fake. I can now say that I’ve had a independent escorts Tel Aviv experience with a tranny. Something that I thought I’d never say.