A tickling Tel Aviv escort story

Tel Aviv escortAs a Tel Aviv escort I get all kinds of interesting customers. Sometimes it surprises me just how many different kinds of customers I get. Trust me when I say being a Tel Aviv escort, you get all kinds of customers. I had a guy ask me if I’d tickle him with a feather. He contacted me over the internet and then we talked on the phone. I didn’t know what he was asking me for at first. He wanted me to tickle him with a feather? That’s what he said and even to this day I find it surprising. I didn’t turn him down though. I’m not the kind of girl that does that. I’ve got bills to pay and I’m always a bit curious about these things.

I arrived at the guy’s apartment and I kept knocking at the door. I didn’t want to yell out that I’m the Tel Aviv escort he ordered.

But, I wanted to do something to get his attention. I called his phone and it went straight to voicemail. I knew he was in the apartment because I could hear someone move around. Finally, the guy opened the door and I walked right in. He led me straight to the bedroom and I saw something that as a Tel Aviv escort I’ve never seen before. He had all kinds of feathers laid out on the bed. They were all different colors and sizes. There was even a peacock feather on his bed. I just stared at all those feathers and wondered what I was to do with them all.

The client proceeded to instruct me on how I should tickle him. He wanted me to have a feather in each hand and tickle his feet. Then work my way up to his balls. I was to then switch and use some fluffy white feathers on his balls. Then another pair of feathers for his chest. The funniest part was I had to tickle his nose with these two long yellow feathers. I still chuckle thinking about that. As a Tel Aviv escort you never know what you’re going to come across. This ticking was all the proof of that I need. As I ticked my client, he jerked off. I didn’t have to do anything to him other than tickle him. I did have to tickle underneath his ball sack with a feather while he busted a nut. That was a little weird, but not the strangest thing I’ve seen as a Tel Aviv escort. I was surprised that he didn’t laugh a single time while having an orgasm as I tickled underneath his balls.

I’m not going to sit here and say that it wasn’t a little weird. It was, but, I enjoyed it. I’d do it again if the guy called me up. I’m always up for new fetishes and this one was pretty easy for me. It doesn’t get much easier than tickling a guy while he jerks off!




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