The hottest erotic massage Tel Aviv ever

erotic massage Tel AvivThis is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me. I got the usual erotic massage Tel Aviv message and thought nothing of it. I just figured he was another guy who wanted a rub down. I also give massages to my clients. I’m not just an escort. I like to also think of myself as a masseuse. Erotic massage Tel Aviv is something I do on the side to earn a little money. It pays the bills and picks up the slack if I don’t have enough escorting gigs. Which is rare, but there are some slow seasons of the year.

I got all my gear ready and went over to this guy’s apartment. It was a nice little place in a swinging part of town. I could tell the guy had a nice stash of cash somewhere to be able to afford an apartment like this. I was very impressed by his lifestyle. I work seven days a week and can’t live like him. I hope some day if I play my cards right that will change. I’m doing everything in my power to make it possible.

So, I’m sitting in his apartment and we’re talking. This is when I realize he wants to give me a erotic massage Tel Aviv. I was taken back. He didn’t want me to give him a erotic massage Tel Aviv? That doesn’t make sense. Sure, I’ve received massages before. But, they were tied into sex and all that. He just wanted to give me a massage and that was it. The best part by far is, he was willing to pay me to receive the massage.

I took off all of my clothes and laid down on his bed. I gave him my massage oil and everything that he needed. I have a little kit that I take with me on my erotic massage Tel Aviv gigs. This way I don’t have to worry about my client having the right materials. This guy had hands that were magical. I’ve never received a massage like this ever. It wasn’t just that it felt good. He knew all the right places to touch.

I loved the way he played with my tits during the erotic massage Tel Aviv.

He took a break and I thought it was all over. He heard me getting out of bed and told me to stay there. I later learned that he was washing his hands. What happened next was something that I would never believe if it didn’t happen to me. He actually massaged my pussy and fingered it. I was so relaxed that I actually came. The orgasm I had was intense and it felt wonderful.

I sure wish I would. I’d maybe even consider paying for it. That’s the most wild thing of everything that happened. He actually paid me for all of this. I can’t lie, I actually felt a little guilty taking his money. After all, he did make me cum. But, I’ve got bills to pay like everyone else. So, I took his cash and politely thanked him for such a wonderful experience.


Where are all the escorts in Tel Aviv?

escorts in Tel AvivThere was a frantic man on the other end of the phone. He asked a very simply question. Where exactly are all the escorts in Tel Aviv? I thought this was a prank call. It was about eleven at night and I was ready for bed. I told him to call around and he’ll find someone. The guy said he already done that. Everyone was booked or busy. It was a Friday night after all. I told him I was about to go to bed. I also told him he could call the next day and I’d see if I had any spots available the following week.

I was so exhausted and he kept begging me if I knew anyone at all who could visit him right away. I said no, that’s not the way this works. You have to book your escorts in Tel Aviv encounter early. I often tell my clients to book me at least two weeks in advance. Sometimes I can fit someone in if a client cancels at the last minute. This was different though. He was calling me right before bed. I never ever go out on a call like this. Well, I should say almost never.

He begged me one last time saying he just needed one escorts in Tel Aviv. What he said then blew my mind. The guy told me he would give me ten times the amount I usually charge. I couldn’t believe it. No guy has ever offered me that much money before. He even told me that it was possible to put it in my bank account before I came over. That way I’d know that he was for real. I agreed only if he would do that. I couldn’t believe my eyes when within minutes the money was in my account. I knew then it didn’t matter if I was sleepy or not. I had a frantic guy who was in search of escorts in Tel Aviv. A guy who I now must take care of.

Why was he so frantic? I later learned that he just took Viagra and his fuck buddy said she couldn’t come over. He called every escort in town and no one would pay him a visit. I was the only one who’d do it. Though, I’m not sure how much of this is true or not. I know plenty of escorts in Tel Aviv who would do it if the price is right. I’m not talking about ten times the price of the average visit. But, whatever the reason, he wanted me.

We had sex and it was actually the typical escorts in Tel Aviv visit.

The only thing that as out of the ordinary is what he did when having an orgasm. He had these odd sounds like a pig searching for truffles. It made me wonder if he was having some sort of health issue that I should be concerned about. Thankfully it didn’t last long. He almost fell asleep after the last grunt. He told me to lock the door on my way out. I did and felt that he was way too trusting. I could care less though. I made out like a bandit and my bank account was now flush with cash.


Tel Aviv escort finger banged in public

Tel Aviv escortDon’t clean your glasses. What you just read actually did happen. I had a client who wanted to finger bang a Tel Aviv escort in public. I’m a bit of a voyeur and I liked the idea of trying something new. Where did he want to finger fuck me? At a concert. Not just any concert. He actually wanted to finger me while we listened to a symphony. This in itself posed quite a few challenges. All of which I’ve never experienced before as a Tel Aviv escort.

I have special clothes for Tel Aviv escort occasions like this.

It might be surprising to some, but there are quite a few clients who just want a date. They may not want sex. But, some want a date and sex. This is why I keep a closet full of clothes for just about any occasion. I’m always prepared for anything this job may throw at me. Even though, there’s no real way to prepare yourself to have an orgasm near a bunch of snooty symphony listeners. More on that later.

The extra challenging thing was, we had seats close to the stage. I don’t remember how many rows back we were. I’m so glad he didn’t get us front row seats. That would’ve mad all of this so much more difficult. My job as an Tel Aviv escort is difficult as it is. Being fingered in front of a bunch of strangers just makes it all that much more difficult.

I wore a sweater and I took it off before the performance. I put it over my lap. I did this so my client could put his hand down my dress. The lights were somewhat dimmed and no one could really see. At least I hope they didn’t. My client began to finger me really good. I’m not sure why it felt so much better than usual. Maybe he just has highly skilled hands. I could’ve also been really turned on. There were two old women sitting next to me. I know for a fact they had no idea what was going on.

Have you ever had an orgasm in a room filled with people? There had to be thousands of people there. I felt like each and every one of them was staring at me while I came. Yes, I did cum while being fingered at the symphony. I don’t know how I was able to get off. I also don’t know how those old women had no idea what was going on. I felt like I was squirming all over the place. Maybe it was just my imagination. I don’t know really. I just know my loins were feeling mighty fine.

Having an orgasm to live music is an odd experience. I’ve never actually done it before. It felt oddly exciting and relaxing afterwards. My client offered to take me out to dinner after all this. I agreed and he picked up the tab. If this wasn’t a Tel Aviv escort call, I would’ve considered it a very fine evening. I still did, but as a professional, I think of it as work too. Which means, I can’t let my hair down for a second until the encounter is complexly over.


Seeking a very tall Tel Aviv Escort

tel aviv escortI received an email about a month ago from a client who was searching for a Tel Aviv Escort. I responded back with some photographs and he liked what his eyes saw. There was just one problem and it was a big one. I wasn’t tall enough for him. He told me that he’s only turned on by women who are over six feet and six inches tall. I knew right away this guy was an American. I don’t know how big a foot is other than the one on the bottom of my leg.

I did some research and found out that he likes women who’s almost two meters tall. Needless to say, I’m not that tall. He told me to buy and wear the tallest high heel shoes I could find. He even sent me some money online to pay for them. I’m always up for new shoes. I don’t know a Tel Aviv Escort who would turn down a free pair of heels.

I eventually found these huge heels that added about a foot to my height. That’s about 30.5 centimeters for all of you who aren’t American. It’s been a long time since I wore heels this big. I actually felt like a baby giraffe walking for the first time in them. It’s all in a day in the life of a Tel Aviv Escort. The things we do for our clients is unreal.

I’m the type of Tel Aviv Escort who just wants to make people happy.

I think of that as my goal more than anything else really. I met the foreigner in a hotel. It was a pretty nice joint really. I’ve never been there before. I probably stuck out like a sore thumb wobbling around in those high heel shoes. I thought about changing into them while in his hotel room. But, I wanted to make sure he saw me right away in them. A first impression as a Tel Aviv Escort is priceless. It’s actually one of the most important aspects of getting return customers.

I walked into his room and he immediately fell to his knees. We almost had no chance to exchange greetings. He stuck his head right up my skirt and pulled down my panties. The door wasn’t even shut yet when I felt his tongue dancing up and down my slit. I was taken by surprise with the amount of gusto that he licked me. I actually think the guy was nervous. That’s why he didn’t say much. He may have been shy as well. Every Tel Aviv Escort has seen a guy or two like him. It’s actually far more common than most people believe.

I sucked his cock and that was it. He really didn’t say much. He visibly appeared to be nervous. I even saw sweat bead on his forehead while I went down on him. This was even more surprising considering the air conditioning was on. It was all just oral sex and that’s it. He really didn’t even appear to pay attention to my height all that much. I don’t know when I’ll wear my new heels. They’ll probably collect dust until someone with a foot fetish comes along seeking something uniquely kinky.


Tel Aviv escorts have pretty noses?

Tel Aviv escortsI almost spit out my morning coffee when I read the that on the subject line of an email. I had to read it twice. What could he possibly mean? I had to find out type of Tel Aviv escorts he was searching for. If I couldn’t help him out, then maybe I would know someone who could. Us Tel Aviv escorts work that way. At least the ones I know do. I refer clients to other girls for whatever reason. Maybe the client is looking for something specific or I simply don’t have the time to service them.

Well, this guy was into noses. Most Tel Aviv escorts don’t put close up pictures on their site for obvious reasons.

It’s not possible to see what their nose looks like. I get that. What I don’t get is, why he’s so turned on by noses. But, I learned to expect the unexpected at this job. Never go into it thinking that it’ll be normal in any way.

Let’s skip forward to when I meet up with my client. I sent him a couple of photos before arriving. He was infatuated with my nose. I’ve never heard anyone so excited over any part of my body before. I really had no idea what to expect from this guy. I was surprised to see he was a very ordinary older gentleman. How old was he? I’d say he had to be in his late sixties. The funny thing is, he sounded much younger on the phone. I thought he was half his age or even younger. He did have quite a bit of pep in his step for someone pushing 70.

He offered me a cup of tea and I politely refused. We went into the bedroom where he looked at my nose. He asked if he could kiss it. He actually took his tongue and stuck it inside my nostrils. This was kind of weird. He also sucked on the tip of my nose. Again, this too was kind of strange. After all that, he asked me to rub my nose on his cock until he came. He asked if it were possible to cover my pretty nose with his semen. I know most Tel Aviv escorts wouldn’t do such a thing. I guess I’m a sucker for pleasing my clients. I agreed and told him he could do it.

I never made anyone cum using just my nose. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible without doing it first. I started by rubbing my nose all over his ball sack. I then proceeded up to his penis. I just glided my nose up and down the shaft of his penis. I also paid close attention to the tip. I’m sure that not many Tel Aviv escorts has ever had a client like this before. It took the guy quite a bit of time to bust his nut. There wasn’t all that much to it when he did. Just a little dot of semen on my nose. He allowed me to wash my face in his bathroom and off I went. I can honestly say that my nose was tired after doing this. I’ve never had a tired nose before that day.



Erotic massage Tel Aviv dwarf experience

erotic massage tel avivFor those of you who don’t know, a dwarf is a midget. Most don’t like to be called midgets. I can understand why. The term does seem a little degrading. Anyway, I had my first ever erotic massage Tel Aviv dwarf client. He was really short. I don’t know how short he actually was. I just know I’ve never done anything at all with a man as short as he was. I have a shocker that I’ll tell you about a little later on.

The shocker isn’t the fact that this guy is in the entertainment business. Exactly what he does, I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I just know that he said he worked in the entertainment business. The guy was very well dressed and seemed educated. I got the feeling that he was very well off financially. He was a foreigner and his Hebrew wasn’t too good. It was good enough for us to be able to communicate. You’ve got to be ready for anything and everything when you offer erotic massage Tel Aviv services.

My client asked if we both could be fully nude during the erotic massage Tel Aviv. I told him I didn’t have a problem with that. We both got undressed and that’s when I couldn’t believe my eyes. This little guy had a huge cock. I mean, it was so big compared to the rest of his body. His hands and feet were also oversized. It looked comical and I tried my best not to laugh. I think I may have snickered a time or two. I was able to get up close and personal with that cock of us. A little more on that later.

The massage went well and we had some small talk. That’s not too uncommon when giving a erotic massage Tel Aviv. While on his back, he asked me if I could give him a happy ending. I would normally tell my client that it’s an additional charge. However, with a cock like his, I wanted to do it. I’d beat that guy off for free just to see what it was like. I had so much fun jerking him off. I don’t know why that is. I think it’s because I was surprised that his cock was so big. I’d say that if his cock was attached to a normal sized man, it probably wouldn’t have seemed that big. The circumstances here were much different and that became clear as I stroked his cock.

The erotic massage Tel Aviv experience wasn’t over just yet.

The little guy spewed a huge load of cum all over the place. I even got some of it in my hair. He was nice enough to allow me to take a shower afterwards. I’d like to know where he was keeping all that cum. It came squirting out like a fire hose. I didn’t think he would have that much cum in his entire body. It goes to show I’ve got a lot to learn about when it comes to dwarfs.


Escort Tel Aviv mirror experience

escort tel avivReaders of my blog know exactly how all of this works out. Clients either call me or they email me. This client emailed me and asked if I would have sex with him in front of a mirror. I had to a double take and see what type of escort Tel Aviv adventure he was searching for. Yes, he wanted to have sex in front of a mirror. I thought it sounded harmless enough. I agreed and we set a date and time for the escort Tel Aviv visit to take place.

I had no idea what I was in for. I’ve had sex with plenty of guys who had a mirror at the top of their bed. That’s kind of common with the younger kinky crowd. What I experienced wasn’t anything like that at all. This was a once in a lifetime escort Tel Aviv client that I’ll never forget. I’m still wondering how he was able to pull it off.

What was so strange about my escort Tel Aviv experience?

He himself wasn’t all that strange. In fact, I actually thought he was overly ordinary. I got the feeling that he could’ve been an office manager or something like that. He was wearing a short sleeved button down shirt with a lot of stuff in the pocket. Actually, he looked kind of nerdy. In a cute way of course.

I walked into the guy’s bedroom and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The walls were actually mirrors. The ceiling had mirrors all over it. Even the floor was one big mirror. Everywhere I looked there was a mirror. I know very few escort Tel Aviv have ever seen anything like this. If they have, I would’ve heard of it by now. We talk amongst ourselves and stuff like this would get out fast. I have no doubts about that at all.

I’ve never been so self-conscious in my entire life. I took off my clothes and it was like I could see every single flaw on my body. The guy was just looking around and soaking in all the visuals. Me, I was feeling pretty shy at this point. A bed was in the center of the room. We got on it and I started to suck his cock. I noticed how he a looking at the mirrors while I sucked his cock. I knew then that he had the best view in the house. For him, it was like watching a real life porn video as it happened.

I think I could’ve had sex in front of a camera and felt less nervous. This is a very rare experience for an experienced escort Tel Aviv like myself. The sex we had allowed me to see my body at all angles. I can’t say I enjoyed much of it. Now I know why some people turn off the lights before having sex. Seeing too much flesh can make a person feel uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter in the slightest how much you take care of yourself. You’ll find flaws if you look hard enough.

How did the guy react during this escort Tel Aviv encounter? He enjoyed every second of it. This nerd wasn’t at all shy with his body. It’s not like he was a model or anything like that. Just an average Joe with a normal body. He came and thanked me for coming over. I went to the gym and worked out. I noticed a little bulge around my hips. I don’t know if it was imaginary or if I just stared at the mirrors for too long. Whatever the case, going to the gym made me feel better afterwards.


Tel Aviv escorts with facial hair?

tel aviv escortsI get some real odd balls. That’s the truth and I’m not even going to try to deny it. This guy really was looking for female Tel Aviv escorts that also had facial hair. I politely told him that I don’t have any facial hair. This is one of those things that’s never been a problem for me. I don’t know why that is really. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. Sure, I have a little peach fuzz. All girls have that. I don’t have a mustache or anything like that.

Would I be willing to wear a fake mustache and beard? That’s what my Tel Aviv escorts client asked me over the phone. I told him I have no idea where such things are sold. He told me not to worry about that. He’d find a fake mustache and beard for me. He also said that he’d help me put it on. I was surprised by all this and quite curious as well. I told him I’d do it. I just wanted to see what all this was about.

I’m going to skip now to the heart of the Tel Aviv escorts experience. There’s a little small talk and we end up in his bathroom. There I sat on his toilet and he put the fake beard and mustache on me. He used some sort of cement stuff to glue it to my face. It was a real motherfucker getting off after we were done. If I had known this, I would’ve charged him extra. It took almost a half hour to get that fucking thing off of my face.

So, what exactly happened during this Tel Aviv escorts ordeal?

We had sex while I wore a fake beard and mustache. I sucked his dick and he even gave me a rimjob. I had the feeling that he wanted to have anal sex with me. Actually, I think this Tel Aviv escorts client may have been a bit deceptive. I don’t know if he was a man who secretly wanted to have sex with men or what. He said that he’s really turned on by women with facial hair. I guess I’ll leave it at that.

The sex was pretty standard really. There was oral and he seemed to enjoy it a lot. We had sex in a few different positions. The missionary position was saved for last. He busted a nut and almost fell on top of me. I thought the guy was going to smother me at first. He was totally spent and couldn’t move. Which isn’t all that great if you have fake facial hair and don’t know how to remove it.

The facial hair came off and that was the end of our Tel Aviv escorts encounter. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to a second one if it were to come around. To be absolutely honest, he was almost like any other Tel Aviv escorts client. The only difference was the fake fur that I had to put on my face. If it wasn’t for that, none of this would’ve been memorable in the slightest.


Escorts in Tel Aviv that will allow me to play doctor?

escorts in tel avivAre there any? It looks like there is one. Yes, I’m the escorts in Tel Aviv who’s willing to do just about anything once. This was my first ever experience with anything involving medical fetishes. I’ve never ever had a single client who wanted to pretend to be a doctor. This guy literally was searching for escorts in Tel Aviv who’d allow him to act like a doctor.

This guy’s acting skills were something else. He made sitcom actors seem like people performing Shakespeare. I’ll cut him a little slack. He did seem nervous. It very well could’ve been the first time he had ever done with this with an escorts in Tel Aviv before. Who knows really. I still haven’t wrapped my head around all that went down.

I walk into this guy’s apartment which he calls his “office”. He’s wearing a white coat and has one of those mirrors on his forehead. I can’t make this sort of stuff up. He checked my pulse and then my blood pressure. He told me that I wasn’t looking very well. That’s when I discovered he had to take my temperature. Though, he needed to do it anally. You can see where this is going now.

My client didn’t say he was looking for escorts in Tel Aviv to have anal sex with.

If he had, I would’ve told him that costs extra. I let it pass and pulled down my skirt. Luckily I was wearing stockings that only came up to my legs. I pulled down my panties so he could check my temperature. He wrapped a condom around his cock and slid it deep in my ass. It actually hurt at first. I’m not sure why that was. He wasn’t too big. I do get nervous when going to the doctor. Maybe somehow in the back of my mind I was afraid of this fake doctor. Who knows.

After he anal sex cam the pelvic exam. He used a speculum and opened up my pussy wide. I looked down at him with the mirror on his head and he reminded me of a coal miner. He kept mumbling while looking at my pussy. It was amusing at first. Then, I wondered if he was actually seeing something. That’s when I snapped back to reality and realized he’s just a poor actor. There’s nothing going on in between my legs. My pussy is inspected by horny guys left and right. They’d tell me if something was wrong.

The speculum came off and that’s when the sex resumed. I guess he had enough playing doctor. Now it was time to plow my pussy a good one. He put on another condom and then proceeded to pound me hard. Most escorts in Tel Aviv carry with them condoms. I didn’t have to break a single one out this time. He had a stash of condoms that took me by surprise. I guess the good doctor believes in safe sex. Which is something I think we all can get behind.


Escort Tel Aviv who can be a statue?

escort tel avivThis one sure took the cake. I still can’t wrap my head around what this guy wanted. Let me set it up for you. I’m eating lunch when someone calls asking if I could stand still like a statue. I later learned that he likes to jerk off while looking at statues. Yes, escort Tel Aviv always somehow find the odd balls. This guy had a strange fetish. Though, he was a very nice gentleman. It goes to show that you can’t judge a person by what turns them on.

Let me tell you how this escort Tel Aviv encounter went down.

My client asked if I would put white powder all over my face. He wanted me to look pale white like a marble statue. The fact that my arms and legs weren’t white wasn’t a problem for him. The main thing he wanted to see was my white face. It goes to show that not all escort Tel Aviv experiences are the same. I often think that no two experiences are ever alike. No matter how similar they appear, something is always different about them.

I’m at his place now. I put on the white powder while sitting in my car. It’s not uncommon for escort Tel Aviv to primp a little before meeting a client. We talk awhile and then move to the bedroom. Once there, he tells me to stand perfectly still. He then put his head up my skirt and that’s when the madness really began. I knew it was very important to him that I stand still. It’s not so easy to stand still when you have a guy’s face in your crotch. This is undoubtedly true when that person is making your pussy feel good. I don’t think I was able to stand perfectly still. I tried my best.

After the oral sex came a fucking like I still can’t believe. I must have been doing something right. He was hard as a rock and horny as fuck. He then told me to lay in the bed with my arms extended towards the ceiling. My legs were to be bent at the knees also. Again, I was told not to move. It wasn’t so easy considering that he was pounding me really hard. I moved because of the force that he was using to drill deep inside my pussy. I always want to be the best escort Tel Aviv possible. That’s why I listen closely and do what my clients ask.

The guy came and snapped his fingers like a television hypnotist does. I suppose that was to signal that I didn’t have to be stiff as a board any more. All in all, it was a pretty tame experience. I found it quite challenging to stay still. I’d do it again if he asked me too. I thought it was kind of interesting really. He gave me a nice little tip and I went on my way. I’m not sure how someone develops a fantasy like that. Maybe it comes from getting turned on by mannequins or statues. It seemed harmless at the time and I still feel that way now about it. Though, it proves that escort Tel Aviv clients are not all the same.